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17 Hilarious Parent Confessions That Prove Kids Don't Stand A Chance

In public: "I WOULD NEVER!" In private: "Yeah, I'd probably do that."

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1. “My 6 year old refused to dress appropriately for the weather, so I lost it and said, ‘If you don't wear your scarf, you'll get frostbite on your neck and your head will fall off!’"


7. "I told my two-and-a-half year old that if he didn't get out of the bath tub he would turn into a fish — and if he was a fish he would have to live alone in the ocean without his friends or family."

8. "I told my kids that their ears turn red when they lie. Now when they tell a lie their first instinct is to cover their ears, and when they tell the truth they proudly show them off.”


15. "I told my 12-year-old daughter that I broke my back and couldn't stand up after six o'clock so she would make hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner. It only worked for two weeks, but it was a nice break."

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Some answers have been condensed for length and clarity.


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