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Um...Let's Take A Look At How We Dressed As Teens Compared To How They Dress Now

What the hell is going on.

It has recently come to our attention that teens these days are...cooler than we had ever hoped to be.

how teen celebs dressed when i was growing up vs how they dress now

So we decided to investigate. And basically, life is really unfair. Let's take a look:

1. Back in our day...trucker hats were in.

2. As were spray tans and napkin skirts!!!

3. See also: denim bucket hats and rhinestone sunglasses. This shit was HIP. It was HAPPENING.

4. And matching your trucker hat to your corset with your jeans tucked into your boots? 100% encouraged and praised.

5. Studded belts were an absolute must. As were graphic tees and those black bracelets you bought from Hot Topic.

6. We loved a good capri pant matched with a one-shouldered top.

7. Oh and showing off the tongue of your shoe? Hot.

8. And my god, did we love flare jeans with statement belts.

9. But teens these days don't even have to put their arms through their coats!

10. They're hopping straight off the runway and giving us #look after #look.

11. What awkward stage?? They don't have a damn awkward bone in their bodies!

12. No. They're just owning every red carpet, premiere, and social event that they attend.

13. These leather pants?? We could have never in 2007.

14. Like??? What the hell???

15. This feels unfair.

16. ???!???!?

So basically...this was us as teens:

And this is what teens look like now! Cool!