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33 Terrible And Gross Things That Nearly Everybody Has Experienced

Getting up off a plastic chair and seeing your sweaty butt-crack imprint.

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Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

1. Not having quite enough toilet paper to wipe with after a poo, so having to fold the tissue you do have over and over, until it's just a tiny tissue lump.

2. And a bit of toilet water splashing up onto your bum as your shit ~plops~.

3. Using one-ply toilet paper and feeling like you're practically wiping with your bare hand.

4. And doing a poo that no matter how much you wipe, keeps making an appearance on the toilet paper.

5. Weeing when there's no toilet paper, and having to drip dry.

6. Having really dry lips, licking them constantly to help stop that, and then feeling like a creep.

7. And picking a bit of dry skin off that leaves a chunk of your lip all sore-looking.

8. Farting while in the bath or shower and feeling like the hot water just intensifies it.

9. Farting when you think it's going to be discreet and then doing one that's louder than an orchestra.

10. Having a hair in your mouth but not being able to pull it out, so shoving your whole hand in to fish for it.

11. Finding a random bit of hair from your head elsewhere on your body, like wrapped around a toe or in between your butt cheeks.

Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

12. Getting a blister in a new shoe and then having the big ol’ blister rub up against your shoes while you walk in them.

13. Eventually getting the satisfaction of it popping but then having to peel off the burst skin.

14. Spitting out your toothpaste while brushing your teeth and feeling a surprisingly big glob of food come out.

15. Or not spitting out toothpaste with enough conviction, so ending up with a lingering drooly bit of toothpaste hanging from your mouth.

16. Coughing and being surprised by a bit of phlegm that's shot out of your moth.

17. And sneezing with your hand over your face, and then realising a slimy blob of snot flew out.

18. Finally pulling out a stubborn bogey but it hurting because you've actually ripped out some of your nose hairs with it too.

19. Burping discreetly in public but a bit of sick coming up so having to swallow it down.

20. Sitting on a plastic chair during summer and leaving a sweaty imprint of your butt-crack upon getting up.

21. Removing an ingrown hair only to realise it's about double the length you expected.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

22. Farting when you have a dodgy stomach and the smell being so bad you have to move away from it.

23. And burping those eggy-sulfur burps when unwell, which only make you feel sicker.

24. Cleaning out your ears after a while and finding a bit of ear wax so big and solid that the cotton bud can barely contain it.

25. Eating something like crisps or toffee and it getting so embedded into the back of your teeth, that you have to use your nail to dig it out.

26. Wiping after a wee and a tiny, dribbly bit of wee coming out and rolling down your thigh.

27. Using a public bathroom that’s run out of soap so that all you can use is water.

28. Wearing a plaster that's gone all soggy from the shower and feeling it limply fall off.

29. Getting a hangnail and suffering with the raw, exposed skin under your nail being on show after ripping it off.

30. Laughing while drinking something and feeling the drink burn your nostrils as it tries to come out of your nose.

31. Only having one tissue on you while suffering from a cold, and reusing it more than you'd like so it's soaked with snot and falling apart.

32. Not having a tissue to hand at all and having to suck up the booger that just wants to leave your nostril.

33. But maybe worst of all, feeling a trickling bit of snot escape all the way down to your top lip and there's nothing you can do about it.