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People Are Annoyed With This Newspaper’s Ridiculous Front Page The Day After Australia Said YES To Marriage Equality

"Not sure Al Bundy represents the struggle by gay and lesbian people for equality after years of repression but hey."

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Many Australians have spent the past 24 hours celebrating after the results of a national survey found in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in Australia.

All capital city tabloids, as well as the only national broadsheet, feature colourful front pages with images of Australia's LGBTQ population celebrating the historic moment.

Most included rainbows, couples who may soon marry embracing, people dancing in the streets and the word: YES.

Good morning, here is today's front page. One for the history books.


All but one.

Sydney's tabloid newspaper The Daily Telegraph did not have pictures of Australians celebrating, or any Australians at all.

Instead, it featured a picture of American sitcom Married With Children's protagonist Al Bundy lying on the couch with the words "NOW WE CAN ALL SHARE THE JOY".

The series ran from 1986 to 1997.

The Daily Telegraph did use a "YES" but it was reserved for the back page of the sports section to applaud Australia's soccer team, the Socceroos, who won against Honduras in the world cup qualifier last night.

Thursday's @telegraph_sport back page. That's a big #YES from us for the Socceroos #AUSvHON


People were unimpressed.

The @dailytelegraph were the only News Corp paper to decide to dump on the happiest day of the year for many Austra…

Owning the libs is a new genre in Australia and so far we’ve seen a married couple say they’re going to get divorce…

This is some bleak shit from the Daily Telegraph


Not sure Al Bundy represents the struggle by gay and lesbian people for equality after years of repression but hey.... #auspol

It's worth remembering that in the early years of Murdoch's ownership of Fox in the US, Married With Children kept them afloat.

Beyond bad. These two pages of @dailytelegraph beggar belief. Celebrate sport but vilify a national milestone suppo…

The Telegraph’s front page displaying all the trenchant wit of a suicidal 1970s comic playing an empty RSL in 1996


I want to be upset by the Daily Tele’s cover but just quickly - what the fuck is a “newspaper”?

I’m not retweeting today’s cover page of the Daily Tele because it’s too nasty, prejudiced, horrible. But I hope m…

Others were less surprised as Australian states and territories recorded a majority "yes" vote but the lowest was in New South Wales (at 57.8%) where The Daily Telegraph resides.


Daily Tele front page unsurprising. Their heartland is western Sydney w a big no vote.

Here is how other newspapers covered the news.



Our front page today.

The @couriermail wins today's front pages

Tomorrow's @theheraldsun 1st edition front page tonight #auspol

Today's @theTiser front page #marriagequality #SSm #PostalSurvey #SAParli #Auspol #FrontPagesToday

The front page of tomorrow's The West Australian. #wanews #perthnews #auspol #wapol #AUSHON

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