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85 People Who Are Sexier Than Blake Shelton

No offense but I'm disgusted.

In case you haven't heard, Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive. At BuzzFeed, we have a tradition of disagreeing with the opinion of this publication. So, this year we've created our own list. Enjoy.

1. Mahershala Ali

2. Ryan Gosling

3. Idris Elba

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

5. Ryan Reynolds

6. Milo Ventimiglia

7. Zac Efron

8. Chris Pine

9/10/11. Any of the Hemsworths

12. Liam Hemsworth's right ear

13. A cell of a Hemsworth

14. A piece of gum one of the Hemsworth has chewed

15. Phlegm (from a Hemsworth)

16. Literally just a bitmoji of a Hemsworth

17. This blurry picture of Leonardo DiCaprio vaping

18. Mr. Clean

19. The Babadook

20. Chris Cuomo's left arm

21. The dancing hotdog from Snapchat

22. The hot dad from Inside Out

23. My gym crush

24. The Allstate guy

25. Britney Spears’ current boyfriend, Sam

26. Larry King walking down the street

27. Ryan Merriman (from Disney Channel original movie, Luck Of the Irish)

28. The guy from P90x videos

29. Air Bud, the dog (RIP, like in memoriam not like sexual)

30. The hot guy who works at your local Starbucks

31. The motorcycle teacher with the mullet from Boy Meets World

32. Frosty the Snowman

33. Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation

34. The Tupac hologram from Coachella a few years ago

35. Billy Butcherson (brought back to back to life)

36. Paul Blart, mall cop

37. Carlton, from Fresh Prince

38. Stefan (hotter version of Urkel)

39. The dad from the Parent Trap

40. Dennis Quaid (I know that’s the same thing as "the dad from Parent Trap" but Dennis Quaid is really hot and I don't think he owns a vineyard so it's different)

41. Any member of the Greek water polo team

42. Lou Bega

43. Super Mario

44. Even Luigi

45. Whoever this Turkish oil wrester is

46. Former American Idol host, Ryan Dunkleman

47. Clippy, from Microsoft

48. The Brawny paper towel guy

49. Bill Nye, the science guy

50. Buzz Lightyear, the toy

51. This emoji:

52. Siri (the iPhone voice)

53. A person who likes Phish

54. Jimmy Buffett

55. Harvey from Sabrina The Teenage Witch

56. Mr. Peanut

57. A random guy with a British accent

58. Maybe Squidward

59. Brendan Frasier

60. The guy that wasn’t Kelsey Grammar from Frasier

62. One of those random blowy things you see outside of car dealerships

63. Bill Gates?

64. Scruff McGruff

65. The “Dude You’re Getting A Dell guy”

66. Probably the Geico Gecco

67. Stick Stickly

68. Colonel Sanders

69. Colonel Mustards

70. The old guy from the Six Flags commercials

71. Literally any of the Vengaboys

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72. Captain Crunch

73. Count Chocula

74. Tony The Tiger, obviously

75. Snap

76. Crackle

77. And Pop

78. Carbs & cheese

79. Smoky, the bear

80. My friend’s hot dad from high school

81. My 7th great chem teacher

82. Any of the Baja Men

83. Mr. Bean

84. Someone's Uncle Steve

85. And this sad picture of Ross from Friends