A List Of Every Single Woman Affected By The Supposed "Oscar Curse"

    Love hurts.

    In case you're not familiar, the "Oscar Curse" is the superstition that an actress' husband or partner will leave her once she's won an Academy Award.

    Some theorize that a man can't handle when the woman in his life is successful.

    Here is a list of every woman who may have fallen victim to the "Oscar Love Curse"...

    1. Claudette Colbert

    2. Bette Davis

    3. Luise Rainer

    4. Ginger Rogers

    5. Joan Fontaine

    6. Jennifer Jones

    7. Joan Crawford

    8. Jane Wyman

    9. Olivia de Havilland

    10. Donna Reed

    11. Shelley Winters

    12. Elizabeth Taylor

    13. Shirley Jones

    14. Julie Andrews

    15. Elizabeth Taylor (again)

    16. Barbra Streisand

    17. Maggie Smith

    18. Goldie Hawn

    19. Jane Fonda

    20. Liza Minnelli

    21. Glenda Jackson

    22. Louise Fletcher

    23. Faye Dunaway

    24. Mary Steenburgen

    25. Anjelica Huston

    26. Geena Davis

    27. Kathy Bates

    28. Emma Thompson

    29. Holly Hunter

    30. Jessica Lange

    31. Susan Sarandon

    32. Helen Hunt

    33. Kim Basinger

    34. Angelina Jolie

    35. Halle Berry

    36. Hilary Swank

    37. Reese Witherspoon

    38. Rachel Weisz

    39. Jennifer Hudson

    40. Kate Winslet

    41. Sandra Bullock

    Love may be fleeting, but gold statues are forever.