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Gal Gadot Opened Up To Kelly And Ryan About Wonder Woman's "Boosh"

"The what???"

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Gal Gadot stopped by Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday to promote Justice League and the topic abruptly turned to Wonder Woman's "boosh"..........................

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..........................but before you start thinking that Gal showed up on national television to talk about Wonder Woman's lower regions, SHE DID NOT!

During the sit-down, Kelly explained how she couldn't help but to make Wonder Woman's signature pose with her arms when she slipped on the superhero costume for Halloween:

Gal then interjected with what sounded like, "You went for the bush!" which left Kelly and the rest of us just a little confused:

Gal quickly cleared up any confusion and told Kelly and Ryan that her and WW director Patty Jenkins nicknamed Wonder Woman's signature move "the boosh" after the powerful sound it makes:

"Because whenever I go for it, she does the boosh, right? So Patty and I, we were once asked what's our favorite movement of Wonder Woman. And I said, 'I love Wonder Woman's boosh.' Then I said, 'We need to come up with a different name...'"

So really, the nickname is an onomatopoeia that's pronounced "boosh," but with Gal's accent, it sounds dangerously close to "bush." GOT IT.

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Same Kelly, same.

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