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Stop Whatever The Heck It Is You're Doing And Watch This New Teaser Trailer For "Deadpool 2"

"We're going to take our 'Yellow Snow' here, and mix it with just a dab of our 'Betty White.'"

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So, the hype for Deadpool 2 is REAL.

20th Century Fox

Over the past few months, we've gotten several sneak peeks of the sequel, mostly in the form of pics of the gorgeous Zazie Beetz as Domino and the jacked AF Josh Brolin as Cable.

But this week we finally received some new footage, presented in the most Deadpool-ish way imaginable.

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20th Century Fox

That's right, the man himself dons a full-on Bob Ross getup to present the new footage (all while creating a lovely scenic painting, I might add).

20th Century Fox

Like, just look at the names of some of the paint "colors," because I'm truly DEAD.

20th Century Fox

Anyway, toward the end of the very silly teaser, we get a ton of chaotic new imagery from the sequel, showing us all our favorites back in action.

20th Century Fox

As well as a VERY quick shot of my crush (Domino), kicking down doors like a badass.

20th Century Fox


The whole thing is, honestly, hilarious...but TBH, we've really come to expect nothing less from Ryan Reynolds and the genius team behind this franchise.

20th Century Fox

I guess my only question is: Do we REALLY have to wait until June 1, 2018?!

Thanksgiving in our house is a glorious, non-stop car accident set to the music of cocaine.

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