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Mark Hamill Surprising People On The "Star Tours" Ride At Disneyland Is Literally The Purest Thing I've Seen All Week

"The Captain did mention something about a special passenger...oh, and the force is STRONG with this one."

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If you're not following Mark Hamill on social media, honestly, what are you even doing?

When you realize there are only 33 days to troll you until #TheLastJedi.

The man posts quality content, and is genuinely hilarious.

Who wore it better? #SqungeFace #aMAZingREYsemblence #AnotherClueForYouAll #GlassOnion

And yesterday he continued this greatness streak by surprising fans on Star Tours at Disneyland. Like, seriously just watch the full video, because it's precious.

It took me long enough- but my childhood dream of working Disneyland finally came true! #TheLastJedi #StarTours…

Like, can you imagine being on a Star Wars-themed ride and then LUKE FREAKIN' SKYWALKER just waltzes on like "hey, what's up, hello."

Mark Hamill / Via Twitter: @HamillHimself

And people, of course, lost their shit.

@HamillHimself @DisneyStudios @starwars There are two types of people...

Like, I honestly would've peed myself, TBH.

@HamillHimself @DisneyStudios @starwars When you have to put your glasses on first to see if this is really happeni…

In these genuinely strange and trying times, it's truly refreshing to see someone who is so consistently good to their fans.

Mark Hamill / Via Twitter: @HamillHimself

For real, what did we all do right in this lifetime to deserve him?

@HamillHimself @DisneyStudios @starwars You continue to reaffirm you were and are worthy of being my childhood hero.

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