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    17 Things That Will Make Your Bedroom A Little Cosier This Winter

    Saying no to plans and curling up has never been cosier.

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    1. Make your room sparkly with these copper fairy lights.

    2. Snuggle up with this fluffy faux-fur cushion.

    3. Tie your room together with this patterned rug.

    4. Give yourself a good night's sleep with this memory foam mattress topper.

    5. Warm yourself up with this adorable microwavable dinosaur.

    6. Keep the heat in with these striped curtains.

    7. When it's freezing outside get toasty in bed with this electric blanket.

    8. Live out all your blanket fort dreams with this big knitted blanket.

    9. Treat yourself to a deep sleep with this lavender pillow spray.

    10. Keep the cold out with this cute draught excluder.

    11. Pay homage to our queen, the moon, with this cool light.

    12. Make your room a vanilla-y haven with this vanilla bean candle.

    13. Or take it up a notch and make your room smell like a cosy campfire with this candle.

    14. Snuggle up with this extremely soft fleece throw.

    15. Bring the outdoors inside with these cool cloud lights.

    16. Keep your feet snuggly with this faux sheepskin rug.

    17. Snuggle up with this marble duvet set.