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If You Regularly Suffer From Headaches Or Hangovers, You Need This Eye Mask

Over 900 people — including me — give this compression mask 5/5 stars.

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Hello, world! Let me introduce you to the IMAK Compression Eye Mask, a savior for anyone anticipating a hangover or major headache in their near-future.

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While it might look like your regular eye mask, this bad boy is actually so much more than that. The IMAK is filled with dense beads, which allow it to contour perfectly to your face, while applying a comforting amount of pressure. When kept in the freezer (inside a ziplock bag) the beads cool and provide instant relief when needed. The mask was designed with migraine sufferers in mind, so blocks out all surrounding light — a literal godsend when you have a headache or serious hangover.

And yes, this mask is as good as it sounds! On Amazon it has a 4.3-star rating and over 1,500 reviews.

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"Love love love this product! I got it for migraine days, but it's so comfortable I wear it every night now! On migraine days I pop it in the freezer." —Momma 3

"I can't believe I've gone my whole life without this mask. It's absolutely god-sent for those nights when I have a mild headache and can't seem to get to sleep. The pressure feels amazing on my eyes and also prevents them from opening so I can fall asleep. It's cool to touch and feels wonderful when you lay it over sore, tired eyes. I'm a medical student so I'm on the computer all day and this feels amazing to place over my tired eyes at night. Not to mention it blocks all the light to help you fall asleep quickly. I will definitely purchase again if I need to." —medstudent2020

"This thing is a godsend. My migraines are horrible, multi-day, sensory overloads and this has cut two down by at least a day if not more. This has even helped with my husband's tension headaches so having a few always at the ready will save us from another vicious rock, paper, scissors battle if both our noggins are acting up." —Amazon Customer

I actually purchased this mask a few weeks ago but hadn't needed to use it...until last night.

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I only started getting migraines this year, and this was the first one I've ever gotten during the night. It woke me so violently I turned to my sleeping boyfriend and begged him to get me this eye mask from the freezer (and my meds) because it felt like I was being stabbed straight through the eye, into my brain.

I can't say that the eye mask took my migraine away completely on its own but I can honestly say that it offered far more relief that I'd imagined possible. Normally, I use a regular eye mask and a cold pack when I'm in pain, but the compression beads in the IMAK made all the difference. I actually managed to fall back to sleep once my pain killers began to kick in and kept the mask on until morning — even once it had lost its coolness, the pressure and how well it blocked out the morning light was incredible.

I'm overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness when I have a migraine, but last night this mask made me feel a little better about my most dreaded situation. It's also going to be my go-to gift for every migraine sufferer I know (along with some other things I included on this list).

Get it from Amazon for $10.55 (available in three colors) or from Jet for $11.11.

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