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    Be Still My '90s Heart, "Titanic" Is Coming Back To Theaters

    Why am I crying??

    Everything is terrible right now! Every day the news cycle adds to an unending hellscape of terribleness.


    But guess what, my dudes? Here is, at long last, one tiny shred of good news for us to cling to for dear life: Titanic, the greatest movie ever made (undeniable fact), is returning to theaters!

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    Why, you ask? Firstly, because we deserve this one nice thing. Secondly, because this December will mark 20 years since the movie's original release, and the whole film's been remastered in Dolby Vision to honor the occasion.

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    “We mastered a few minutes of Titanic in Dolby Vision and I was stunned. It was like seeing it for the first time," filmmaker and director James Cameron said in a press release. “This is the way all movies should be seen and without a doubt, Titanic has never looked better.”

    Titanic, greatest movie ever made, will return to theaters Dec. 1 at all Dolby Cinema AMC locations (including 20 locations supporting 3D). You can find the nearest location and purchase tickets here.

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    Basically, we can all go sit in a movie theater for three hours, pretend it's still 1997, and scream-sob, "I'LL NEVER LET GO!!!!" in perfect unison. Bless.

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