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    Apparently Joe Keery Trained For Weeks To Be A Swimmer On "Stranger Things," But It Was Cut

    Does Fabergé Organics even work on wet hair?

    Last night, Joe Keery — who plays Mom of the Year Steve Harrington on Stranger Things — was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

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    During the interview, Joe revealed that everyone's new favorite character was originally supposed to be a swimmer!

    Joe told Seth, "For the first six weeks prior to shooting, I was training...doing all this swimming prep."

    But even though he said that swimming helped him become "the most in-shape [he'd] ever been," that whole plotline was cut from Mr. Harrington's character.

    Now, Steve is still pretty athletic throughout the series. I mean he plays a ~heated~ game of basketball with Billy...

    ...which leads to that whole conversation with Nancy (which, BTW, gave us a sneak-peek of Steve's "towel-over-his-shoulder-when-distressed look").

    But honestly, it probably worked out for the best because we all know what happens to characters who go near pools...


    The moment between Steve and Nancy interrupted the basketball game he was playing with Billy. An earlier version of this post misstated the location. Yes, I did watch the show — probably faster than you, which is why I missed this. Sorry!


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