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Please Pass Along These 15 Photos Of Some Juicy-Ass Balls

Number 12 is really crazy.

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1. God, don't you just love a good pair of balls?

Getty Images

2. I like to imagine what it would be like to hold them in my hand...

Getty Images

3. Or getting a big pile of them together.

Olgakr / Getty Images

4. Even one good ball is better than nothing...

Sebalos / Getty Images

5. And it's really quite beautiful how they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

From_my_point_of_view / Getty Images

6. The little ones go perfectly in your mouth...

Artsvitlyna / Getty Images

7. Some of the larger ones are a little too much to handle...

Svariophoto / Getty Images

8. But when you get a truly big one, it's just kinda majestic.

Handmadepictures / Getty Images

9. Everyone knows they're better when they're soggy...

Marekuliasz / Getty Images

10. Because there's honestly nothing better than that juice.

Handmadepictures / Getty Images

11. Or when you get a good and oozy one.

etiennevoss / Getty Images

12. Some balls are plain...

Goodween123 / Getty Images

13. Some are a little wrinkly...

Handmadepictures / Getty Images

14. Some are served on the side...

Spafra / Getty Images

15. And other times, well, they're the main event.

What kind of balls do YOU like?
Billnoll / Getty Images

What kind of balls do YOU like?

This post was translated from French.

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