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Lady Gaga Noticed A Bleeding Fan And Stopped Her Concert To Help Her Out

"I'm so sorry that you got hit in the face and that you're bleeding."

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There's no doubt that Lady Gaga LOVES her fans.


And this past weekend was no exception. During one of her concert stops in Uncasville, Connecticut, Gaga threw a rose out into the crowd. As fans tried to catch it, a woman was unfortunately elbowed in the face and began to bleed.

VIDEO: A fan was hit in the face & started bleeding during tonight’s show, so Lady Gaga stopped the show to make su…

Gaga, being the nice queen that she is, noticed the injured fan right away and stopped the concert to tend to her.

She then asked the fan if she needed any medical assistance. Luckily the paramedics were already on their way to her.

Gaga later asked for her name, apologized for the incident, and made sure the fan was fully taken care of.

And if you thought a shoutout wasn't incredible enough, Gaga then dedicated the rest of her set to Meredith and gave her a backstage pass.

Meredith took to to Twitter a few days later to express just how appreciative she was of Gaga's hospitality.

@ladygaga_JWT @ladygaga That was me guys! I'm Meredith.. And let me tell you, she was the sweetest celebrity I thi…

We stan a gracious legend.

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