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17 Teachers Who Are Millennial-Level Extra

LOL @ the professor who makes missing person ads for those who skip class.

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Disclaimer: When I say extra, I mean it in a "went-above-and-beyond" type of way — not negatively.


Also, all these teachers are great.

1. This professor, who brought a coffin to class because students' scores had him dead:

2. And this teacher, who posts missing person ads for students who don't show up to class:

3. This teacher, who laminated and displayed a cheat sheet they found:

4. And this teacher, who played a hilarious spelling test prank on his students:

omg this teacher gave a fake spelling test to his kids for april fools i was DYING at rolaskatox

5. This professor, who designed an entire diagram to teach his student how to ask a girl on a date:

yooo i have about 0 skills when it comes to texting girls so i legit asked my english professor to help me draft a…

6. And this algebra teacher, who did a handstand to demonstrate the concept of reciprocals:

My algebra 2 teacher so extra doing a handstand to demonstrate reciprocals 😂😂😂 Its cool tho 😂

7. This teacher, who dressed as Walter White when teaching about the chemistry of methamphetamine:

8. And this professor, who channeled the iconic Taken phone call in this email:

9. This professor, who went on an insane anti-pomegranate rant to teach a psychology lesson:

10. And this lecturer, who wears a mask to hide his expression while grading papers:

11. This teacher who dressed up as a Smurf, because he can:

12. And this iconic teacher, who made her classroom into Hogwarts:

Facebook: kylepely

13. This legend, who taught her students geography by changing the words to "Bodak Yellow":

Rapped a map version of #BodakYellow for my babies today.

14. And this teacher who does a handshake with each student before they enter the classroom:

15. This professor, who got into a passive aggressive chair feud with other professors who shared the room:

My professor is so extra. This note was written on the board in our classroom and this is her response

16. And this teacher, who made a student perform even though he forgot his recorder:

so my brother lost his recorder and the teacher still made him perform...

17. Last but not least, this professor, who included a selfie in her email about class:

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