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Uhhhh...Boris Johnson's Dad Is On "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!"

"Boris Johnson's fucking dad is on I'm a Celeb, who knew 2017 would pull it back last minute?"

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Speaking to ITV, Johnson said if his son found out he was in the jungle, he would be "jolly pleased".

When ITV made the announcement was made last night, people were quite puzzled and rather unsure of what to make of the news.

Apparently being Boris's dad makes you a "celebrity"


Whereas some had words to say about Boris:

I hope Stanley Johnson is made to eat as much bollocks as his fucking son talks.

Why is Boris Johnson's dad is going on I'm A Celebrity when his sons already turning this country into a jungle?

However, some people are quite here for it:

boris johnson's fucking dad is on i'm a celeb who knew 2017 would pull it back last minute

Boris Johnson's dad in I'm a Celebrity is a highlight of 2017

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