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This 6-Year-Old Got To Dress As Her Hero, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, For Halloween

The tiniest astronaut.

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Please just look at how perfect this is.

She even had a lil' ukulele to complete the look.

Jennifer Figueiredo

Tempie lives in Burlington, Ontario, with her mom Jennifer Figueiredo, who told BuzzFeed Canada that Tempie has loved Hadfield since she was just 18 months old.

That's when she spent hours watching a video of Hadfield wringing out a wet washcloth in zero gravity.

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She decided over the summer she wanted to be Hadfield for Halloween.

"She was so excited, this is all she’s been talking about for literally the last six months," said Figueiredo.

Her mom used a NASA costume and added some Canadian patches and topped it all off with a hat and mustache.


And she wasn't the only one who went as Hadfield for Halloween.

@adriannap @Cmdr_Hadfield My niece too...She couldn't grow a 'stache though 😢

Because what could be cooler than being Canada's coolest astronaut?

Houston, we're ready for candy. Being an astronaut is serious business. #notimetosmile @Cmdr_Hadfield

Happy Halloween, tiny dreamers.

why be just any old astronaut for Halloween when you can be @Cmdr_Hadfield?

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