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25 Things That'll Make Any '90s Kid Who Loved Disney Say, "OMG, I So Had That!"

It was all about the clamshell VHS tapes back then!

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1. These collector cups that made you feel classy AF whenever you got to drink out of them:

2. These plates that were basically your very first china set:

3. These bubble bath bottles, that also doubled as bath toys:

4. These Little Mermaid Happy Meal toys, which you basically don't remember ever getting, but somehow appeared in your bathtub:

5. The Aladdin video game, which was much harder to beat than you thought it would be:

6. A collection of Disney’s Sing Along Songs videos, that were basically the original YouTube:

7. The Pizza Hut Beauty and the Beast finger puppets that were indestructible (well, unless your dog got to it):

8. A collection of these books — which you somehow accumulated without even trying:

9. Having a bunch of Disney Masterpiece Collection Happy Meal toys...

10. ...and 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal Toys — which you made your parents drive to different McDonald’s in an effort to try to collect the entire set:

11. Lots and lots of Lion King figures and play sets — 'cause you most likely went through an obsessed-with-all-things-Lion-King phase:

12. And, of course, you had to have a Lion King lunchbox:

13. These Read-Along books, which you'd almost slice a finger off trying to open:

14. These Tiger handheld games that made long rides bearable:

15. This spoon that was pure MAGIC:

16. The Magic Message Lamp, which you would only use to ask very ~important~ questions to:

17. These sheets, which were basically your first designer sheets:

18. These books that came complete with ~magical~ sound effects:

19. These VHS tapes that were basically a '90s kids essential:

20. And these direct-to-video sequels, that you felt were pretty good follow-up films:


21. These live-action movies that made you just want to adopt a bunch of dogs and cats:

22. Disney Adventures magazine — which you'd make your parents get you whenever you went with them to the market:


23. These classic CDs, that were the best to sing-along to in your room or in the car:


24. And this compilation CD, which had all the great songs you didn't have the soundtracks to:


25. And finally, this bag, which you saved 'cause you thought it was too cool to just throw away:

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