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    21 Jokes About Growing Up With A Sister That Will Make You Laugh, Then Call Her

    The only person you can go from hating to being BFFs with, in the space of 30 seconds.

    1. When she got in trouble for something you actually did.

    2. When you said something, so she retorted with the age-old, "I know you are, but what am I?"


    "Ugh, this sandwich is gross."

    "I know you are, you said you areeee..."

    3. When you accidentally took it too far in a fight.

    Instagram: @__k_yli_e____ / Via

    4. And when one of you would hurt the other, and then try to claim innocence.

    "I barely touched you" #growingupwithsisters

    5. When one of your parents would side with her instead of you.

    6. And when one of your parents or family members muddled up your names.

    when your parent calls you by your sibling's name

    7. When you knew exactly who had been in amongst your things.

    8. And who was last in the shower.

    9. When you came to sudden realisations together.

    10. And when you could always rely on them to accompany you on important missions.

    11. When you were there for each other in times of need.

    12. When the "front seat" debate never got old, even if you were both getting older.

    When my sister tried to take the front seat there was only one mature response. My mom drove us back like this

    13. When she always just had to ruin your vibe, no matter what.

    ABC / Casey Rackham / BuzzFeed

    14. So you'd try to seek revenge in an equally petty way.

    When you used to fight with your siblings over the tv.

    15. And sometimes it got really petty.

    16. When there was always a chance to get each other.

    17. When your personal possessions were never safe.

    When your sister gets ahold of your phone

    18. And when your missing clothes would appear on her body.

    #growingupwithsisters when your sister try's to leave the house wearing your shirt

    19. When someone at school decided to tell you they thought your sister was hot.

    #GrowingUpWithSisters "your sister is hot"

    20. But if anyone ever had anything bad to say about her, you'd be the first to put them in their place.

    21. And when you could both go from being mad to hanging out like nothing ever happened, in the space of 30 seconds.

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