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    Rihanna And Pharrell Just Released A Song That They've Been Teasing For Almost Three Years

    N.E.R.D are back with new track "Lemon" featuring Rihanna.

    In case you missed the chaos on the internet not too long ago, N.E.R.D and Rihanna have just released a brand new song. I don't want to give opinions so I'll just state facts: It's a banger.

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    For one, N.E.R.D haven't released a single or album since 2010. Secondly, Rihanna is rapping. Honestly, if you haven't listened to it yet then you probably should.

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    Anyway, that's not what I'm actually here to talk about. What I'm here to talk about is the fact that this song might've actually been in the works for almost THREE WHOLE YEARS.

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    Let's get into it.

    So it's 2015 and Rihanna posts a picture on Instagram. It's the New Year so she's probably in Barbados. She captioned it "tell da paparazzi get the lens right".

    Then in steamrolls Pharrell with an Instagram picture of his own. Here he is, showing off his turquoise grills. But did you see the caption?

    Obviously fans lost their shit, especially because Rihanna had yet to release her eighth album. But nope, nothing.

    Roc Nation

    And so that brings us to today, the first day of the month November in the year 2017. And we have a new song, that includes Rihanna and Pharrell and their identical caption "Tell the paparazzi get the lens right".

    So was "Lemon" actually recorded in 2015? Was it just a coincidence? Are Rihanna and Pharrell both super petty and enjoy watching us search for details? Who knows!


    Whatever the reason, it was worth the wait.