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14 Things To Do In Far North Queensland If You’ve Already Seen The Reef

There's really no place like the far north of the sunshine state.

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Everyone knows that Cairns is the perfect spot to see the Great Barrier Reef. But if you venture a little further, you'll find that the far north has even more to offer.

3. Or dunk in the bright blue Cardwell Spa Pools.


Cardwell Spa Pool is a natural swimming hole that’s perfect for the ‘gram, thanks to its unbelievably blue water. The water gets its colour from the minerals in the surrounding ground, and must be seen to be believed.


5. Walk around a once-abandoned Spanish castle.


Paronella Park is the remains of a castle, built by Spaniard José Paronella which opened to the public in 1935. While a lot of the castle has been destroyed by fire, floods, and cyclones, the remains are surrounded by lush greenery. You can even feed turtles and fish in the on-site waterfall.

6. Get a 360° view of Cairns from above.


Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome offers an experience you won't get anywhere else in the city. You can walk along the rim of the dome to have a view like no other, then either walk back down or (safely) drop 13 metres onto a big trampoline.

7. And meet some furry friends while you're there.

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Zoom also has a bunch of Aussie animals that freely walk (or fly) around the dome. You can meet kangaroos, see a big, mighty saltwater croc, and even hold a koala, if that tickles your fancy!


8. Hang around a secluded little waterhole.

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The climb up to Fairy Falls can be a little steep, but it's well worth it if you like a more private swimming spot. The best part? The Falls are right by the Crystal Cascades, which only about 25 minutes from Cairns!

11. Raft around the rainforest and down the Tully River.


Test your fitness while basking in the beauty of the rainforest by going on a white water rafting adventure. You're sure to break a sweat but, trust me, you'll feel the refreshing river water quite a bit on your trip.


13. Stroll through the Cairns Night Markets and get a foot fish spa.

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The Night Markets are the perfect spot for good food, cool trinkets, and massages galore. If you're not game for a fish spa, you can opt for a traditional one which is heaps cheap anyway.

14. And if all else fails, just stroll the Esplanade and swim in the Lagoon.

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It's no doubt that Cairns has one of the chillest vibes in Australia, if not the world. So don't forget to walk around the Esplanade, take a dip in the man-made Lagoon, and just sit back and relax.

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