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14 Things To Do In Far North Queensland If You’ve Already Seen The Reef

There's really no place like the far north of the sunshine state.

Everyone knows that Cairns is the perfect spot to see the Great Barrier Reef. But if you venture a little further, you'll find that the far north has even more to offer.

1. Wander through a sunflower field.

2. Cool off in a refreshing waterfall.

3. Or dunk in the bright blue Cardwell Spa Pools.

4. Soak in the view of the rainforest from above.

5. Walk around a once-abandoned Spanish castle.

6. Get a 360° view of Cairns from above.

7. And meet some furry friends while you're there.

8. Hang around a secluded little waterhole.

9. Swing on a beach that has coral for sand.

10. Go exploring in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

11. Raft around the rainforest and down the Tully River.

12. Soak in the view at Dunk Island.

13. Stroll through the Cairns Night Markets and get a foot fish spa.

14. And if all else fails, just stroll the Esplanade and swim in the Lagoon.

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