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21 Photos That Are Basically Crimes Against Humanity

Who hurt you???

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1. These infuriating bricks.

2. This vertically-challenged window.

3. This "O" masquerading as a zero.

4. This wall at a subway station.

5. These big/little doors.

6. This off-center faucet.

7. And these non-matching faucets.

8. The letters on this keypad that get worse the longer you look.

9. This crosswalk grate.

10. This deck that starts off great, but ultimately just disappoints you.

11. These door handles.

12. This misplaced manhole...but also the bricks.

13. This desktop that will give you nightmares.

14. This unnecessarily confusing subway ad.

15. This keyboard that makes you want to put an FU where the F2 should be.

16. This bottom row of elevator buttons.

Also, who includes 13?!

Also, who includes 13?!

17. This walkway that would surely cause me to stumble.

18. This brick ~design~.

19. This door that could fit a small child underneath.

20. This off-center flagpole.

21. And finally, this door that has no choice but to be a broom closet.

H/T r/mildlyinfuriating

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