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    17 Stories That Will Make You Feel Smarter

    The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

    1. We Know Almost Nothing About How “Study Drugs” Are Used By Students by Tom Chivers

    2. Men Tell Us What Being A Father Means To Them by Tolani Shoneye

    3. How I Found Power in Witchcraft and Friendship by Anna McKerrow

    4. A Half-Century Later, British Women Are Still Fighting For Full Abortion Rights by Laura Silver

    5. Here's Why Children In The North Are So Much More Likely To Be Taken Into Care by Hannah Al-Othman

    6. Students Showed Us Their Accommodation And It Ranged From £320 To £800 A Month by Victoria Sanusi

    7. This Man Had To Defend Himself Without A Lawyer Via Videolink With Terrible Audio. He Lost. by Emily Dugan

    8. These People Living With An Invisible Condition Are Doing Their Best To Raise Awareness About It by Victoria Sanusi

    9. Students Are Demanding More Help With Mental Health And Say Universities Aren’t Keeping Up by Rose Troup Buchanan

    10. There's Been A Huge Rise In Muslim Student Leaders And Here's Why by Aisha Gani

    11. Meet The British Men Who Embody Black Boy Joy by Victoria Sanusi

    12. 7 Songs My Mental Health Is Grateful For by Mariam Ansar

    13. We Asked These Women To Explain What Their Best Friends Mean To Them by Victoria Sanusi

    14. This Uni Was Called Out For A "Vile" Culture Of Sexual Violence. A Year Later, Students Tell Us What's Changed. by Hannah Al-Othman

    15. This Judge Says He Cries When He Has To Take Children Away From Their Parents by Emily Dugan

    16. This Is What It's Like To Be The Only Tory On Campus by Matthew Champion

    17. We Went Back To Uni After 10 Years And Here's What We Learned by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison