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People Are Sharing Which TV Husbands Are Actually Trash, And I Can't Say I Disagree

These men have it too good.

We recently asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which popular TV husband they actually think is a terrible spouse. Here are their best responses:

1. Dre Johnson from Black-ish

Dre ignoring Bow as she tries to explain the working mom's dilemma to him

"He really was a terrible husband though. He was a good earner and decent father, I’ll give him that, but he was a man-child in many ways and was not the strong support system that a queen like Rainbow needed."


"I can’t stand Dre because he can recognize racism but he denies the existence of sexism. He’s such a dick to Bow. Bow, on the other hand, is an amazing character!"


2. Jim Halpert from The Office

Jim in the confessional saying he's going to show Pam the house he bought without her knowledge

"Just rewatch and see how unlikable he gets. He bought a house without Pam's consent or knowledge and invested in a company she was on the rocks about. Then there was the whole thing about him leaving her several times a month while she was alone at home with his two kids. I don't like him anymore because he just became a dick."


3. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy

Owen telling Christina to get out after she said she doesn't want kids

"He knew that Christina did not want kids and yet he still tried to force her to have a baby. And when she scheduled the abortion, he left her. Then there was that weird period during Season 8 when they reconciled only for him to shout at her that she killed their baby. AND THEN HE FREAKING CHEATS ON HER! WTF OWEN! I lost all respect for him after that."


4. Randall Pearson from This Is Us

Beth telling Randall that he let her get lost in him

"NO QUESTION. He constantly squashed Beth's dreams and didn't support her a lot of the time. Yet Beth was always the one who calmed him down when his anxiety flared up and she pretty much took care of and counseled the whole family by HERSELF. Beth is a QUEEN and honestly...she deserved better."


5. Cam Tucker from Modern Family

Cam and Mitchell at the airport

"It's an unpopular opinion. He was one of the funniest characters on the show, but acted very selfishly throughout his relationship. He always wanted a spotlight on him, leaving Mitchell to be the 'responsible' one in their marriage all the time."


6. Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy

Derek telling Meredith he gave up everything for her

"Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but he couldn’t decide between Addison and Meredith, and even when he did finally dedicate to Meredith, they always fought and he put more effort into his work than their relationship."


7. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family

Phil and Claire sitting on the couch

"He was obsessed with his young, hot mother-in-law and didn't contribute to raising the kids other than being the stupid funny dad. Claire held that house down and essentially had four kids."


8. Tom Scavo from Desperate Housewives

Tom apologizing to Lynette so she'll have sex with him

"Tom Scavo was a man-child. He injured his back and was on bed rest. Meanwhile, Lynette was managing their restaurant. She got home and he demanded a blowjob from her, saying, 'Can’t you do this one little thing for me?'”


9. Carlos Solis from Desperate Housewives

Carlos yelling at Gaby to forget their biological daughter ever existed

"He cheated on his wife with their surrogate. Even though Gaby cheated first, two wrongs don’t make a right. A few years later, they found out their biological daughter was swapped at birth and ended up with another family. He basically told Gaby to get over dude, that’s your literal daughter."


10. Walter White from Breaking Bad

Walter about to drive off with his baby sitting on his lap while Skyler is outside banging on the window begging him not to take the baby

"Everybody loves to shit on Skyler, but Walter White was a shit husband and person once he got into his life of crime. I don't think any sane person would just sit idly by while their spouse completely changed for the worse. Skylar deserved better."


11. Don Draper from Mad Men

Don and Sylvia being caught having sex by Don's daughter, Sally

"I know he had another ordeal going on with being a fraud and all that, but he married his wives so he can cheat on them a thousand times."


12. Chris Turk from Scrubs

Carla in between Turk and JD

"Love the show and the JD-Turk bromance, but Carla was definitely treated as the third wheel by Turk."


13. Harry Goldenblatt from Sex and the City

Charlotte saying the Shabbat blessing while Harry ignores her and stares at the TV

"Maybe this is an unpopular opinion. Before he and Charlotte were even married, he was mean to her during her first try at a full Jewish dinner by watching a baseball game and making her feel guilty for trying to get him to pay attention and participate when she changed her whole faith to be with HIM. Then he was just a total wimp after they got married and kept eyeing the nanny in the second (disastrous) movie. Ick."


14. Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray and Debra sitting in an office in a church

"He never stood up to his mother for his wife and even voted against his wife in the PTA so he wouldn't have to help with the kids. He was whiney and useless, he was basically a fourth child to Debra instead of a husband."


15. Michael Kyle from My Wife and Kids

Michael and Jay sitting on the couch in their home

"He was not supportive of Jay going back to school 'cause he wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom, even though those kids were old enough to take care of themselves. He was resistant to going to couple's counseling and spending time with his wife that didn't involve sex. He would punish and humiliate her to try to teach her a lesson instead of just talking to her like an adult, like when she wanted to join him golfing to spend time with him and he ruined her yoga class to show her how annoying it is. He also pushed her to get invasive surgery cause he was too scared to get a vasectomy."


16. And Al Bundy from Married...with Children

Al Bundy and Peggy sitting on the couch

"It all begins and ends him. He just sat on the couch with his hand in his pants and expected everyone to do his bidding. I wonder why he even wanted the children he was married with!"


Who are some other popular TV husbands you think suck? Let us know in the comments!

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