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    Turns Out, The Trivago Guy Was Cast Because They Literally Couldn't Find Anyone Else For The Ad

    He's not even a professional actor.

    You might recognise this guy from the Trivago ad as well, the Trivago guy.

    The man, now best known for asking, "Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?" earned internet fame earlier this year for his wooden delivery of the line.

    Obviously, became famous enough to have become a meme...

    And got people wondering who the hell he really was.

    Side note, has anyone found out who the @trivago India guy is? On twitter? His tweets has to be as cute as his Advert right?

    Recently, SnG did an interview with the man himself. His name is Abhinav Kumar and turns out, he's not a professional actor and actually works at Trivago.

    He actually got cast in the ad because of a joke his brand marketing head made.

    He's fully aware of the meme that he's become and even shares them on Twitter.

    In fact, he even encourages people to laugh at his expense.

    Oh, and he's acting in more ads in the future so there's going to be more meme material for all of us.

    You can watch the whole interview here:

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