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Someone Call A Doctor, Because Dascha Polanco Is Killin' It Out Here

"Your curves are worthy."

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Polanco said:

I believe it’s important to not worry about what is in trend or what “rules” exist because your love and taste in fashion are part of the process of loving yourself. Your curves are worthy.

Just last year, she told Vogue that some designers refused to dress her based on size alone, but feels like there's been a more positive shift since then.

Elodie Martial

She told BuzzFeed, "Slowly more designers are working with me, but the reaction of the designers and showrooms in Paris was very unexpected! It was so great to be welcomed by international designers such as Pascal Millet and feel their love towards my curves."

And when it comes to embracing her curves through her style, Polanco said:

I have learned along the way that fighting against them is a mistreatment to myself and my body. Learning how to accept them is more successful, and loving your true self and image allows you to shine and to conquer your fears.

Don't stay cooped up in your house forever out of fear of being judged. The moment you walk out of your house you should feel confident and loved. No opinion should be more important than yours. You can rock the hell out of that risk or even walk naked if that makes you happy!