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    18 Experiences That Will Make All Middle Children Say, "Damn, That's Real"

    It's hard out there for a middle child.

    1. You often* got your older siblings' hand-me-downs.

    *All the time.

    2. You had to share a room with one of your siblings for a good chunk of your childhood.

    Sharing a room is awesome I really love getting zero privacy and sleeping two feet away from my sister

    3. Actually, you've had to share pretty much everything.

    4. You crave attention but once you actually get it, you're not sure how to handle it.

    5. Your only chance at a social life is either tagging along with your older sibling or bringing your younger sibling with you wherever you go.

    6. In school, you're referred to as your sibling's younger brother/sister.

    7. Which means your teacher's treatment of you depends entirely on how your sibling acted in their class.

    8. You were probably forced to dress the same as your older sibling, regardless of how ridiculous you both look.

    9. You've gone to great lengths to stand out.

    10. You always got the worst seat in the car: The middle seat.

    11. You've undoubtedly been the victim of a sibling gang up, which has given you thick skin.

    12. You're constantly being compared to either your older or younger sibling.

    13. Your hard work, whether it's in school or not, often gets overshadowed by the accomplishments of your other siblings.

    14. You're either too old to do "adult stuff," or too young to partake in "kid stuff."

    somewhere between “I’m too young to do this” and “I’m too old to do that” we all grew up.

    15. Your parents have probably forgotten your birthday once or twice.

    16. When it came to opening Christmas presents, you NEVER got to open yours first.

    17. But hey, being a middle child has its perks: You can actually end up getting away with basically everything because you often fly ~under the radar~.

    i love being the middle child bc i get away with a lot of shit that i shouldnt be getting away with

    18. And regardless of how much you fight, you'll always have each other's backs.