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    This Celebrity Dressed As Kim Jong-Un For Halloween And People Weren't Happy

    "It wasn't funny in Little Britain and it isn't funny now."

    One of the best parts about Halloween is seeing what celebrities will dress up as. While many chose witches, zombies, and other celebrities, British comedian David Walliams decided to dress up as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

    David was attending Jonathan Ross's Halloween party, and posted multiple pictures from the evening.

    Thank you for being the perfect host @wossy

    But within minutes of him posting the pictures on Twitter, people had a lot to say, and many weren't happy with the choice.

    @davidwalliams Brilliant- you went as racism.

    And this is why I'm never buying any of his books. David Walliams was and still is a racist.

    Some brought up David Walliams' past as an actor on Little Britain, pointing out that his comedy was as offensive then as it is now.

    Master of comedy David Walliams there, whose sketches on Little Britain comprised 1) lol trans people 2) lol gay people 3) lol poor people

    Matt Lucas: 'Now I think it's lazy for white people to get a laugh just by playing black characters' David Walliams:

    While a lot of people weren't impressed with the choice of costume, some defended David.

    @davidwalliams This is funny and 100% NOT racist. I don't see any racial hatred here - just humour. And a bloody good costume.

    @graydwoods @tartyblanche @davidwalliams You realise dressing up as somebody doesn’t automatically make you racist, right?

    But people weren't here for it, pointing out that there were a lot of unnecessary additions included in the costume.

    While David has yet to respond to the controversy, he appeared on BBC Radio 1 this morning.

    BuzzFeed has contacted David Walliams' rep for comment.