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15 Little Tragedies In The Lives Of People Who Blush Easily

"You're turning red! No, like, REALLY red. Are you okay?"

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1. You're terrible at card games because when you even attempt to bluff, your face is a dead giveaway that you have nothing in your hand.

Lionsgate / Via

2. Everyone in the world knows who you have a crush on because you turn bright red whenever they're near you.

Nickelodeon/Twitter / Via Twitter: @hersmila

3. Or worse, when you blush wildly in front of your crush, but someone else picks up on it and thinks you're into them.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @natxenid

4. When people tell you you're getting red in the face, it's because they're alarmed by HOW red you're getting.

M&Ms / Via

5. All it takes is one beer and your cheeks are glowing bright red.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @irb_janet

6. And then everyone starts treating you like you're drunk, even though you're still totally sober.

Artem_furman / Getty Images

7. If you get a steamy text in public, everyone instantly knows what it's about.

E.F.S. Marketing Associates, Inc. / Via

8. If you're on the elevator and someone cute gets on with you, it feels like your face is going to burst.

Ariwasabi / Getty Images

9. And then if they turn around and ask how you're doing, your face literally does burst.

Lonely__ / Getty Images

10. And no matter how cool you play it, or how much you try to mask how nervous you are in public, you're always betrayed by the redness of your face.

Disney / Via

11. And it never helps to try to hide that you disagree with someone, since you turn bright red the moment you begin to argue with them.

12. And if you're ever forced to give a compliment to someone you hate, you end up looking like a demon.

Madhouse / Via

13. And you just don't experience the beach the same way as everyone else, since your version of a tan is more like red splotches all over your entire body.

14. Oh, you also turn red when you're too cold. There's just no winning for you.

SBT / Via

15. You're probably turning red right now reading this post. Sorry about that!

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Brunovsky_

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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