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Tell Us What You Wish You'd Been Taught In School

What one thing would have helped make the transition to adulthood a bit easier?

School subjects cover a lot of ground and prepare you for at least ~some~ of the stuff you'll face in the outside world.

But chances are, when you got out into the real world you realised that you were totally unprepared to be an adult. Maybe you had no idea how to cook a decent meal?

Or perhaps your sex and relationships education was really lacking.

Why is it that teenagers are "too young" to decide their sexuality unless that sexuality is straight

Maybe you've learnt important money lessons in the years since that you really wish you'd known earlier.

Or maybe you just wish you'd been taught how to navigate the really tough stuff, like what time you're really supposed to turn up at a house party.

What important life skill or essential fact do you wish you'd been taught at school? Share your response below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.