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    We Recreated Old Photos Of Our Moms

    You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Moms are amazing. They are our biggest fans (even when we're terrible at something), our personal problem solvers, and they care about us more than anyone ever will. It's hard to imagine they had a whole different life going on before we showed up and became dependent on them.

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    That's why #TBT takes a whole new meaning when we're looking at old pictures of our parents. It feels like we discover memories from a time when this person we thought we knew everything about, was so different. So we gave three people the opportunity to walk down memory lane and recreate their favorite pictures of their moms. Here's what they learned in the process:

    Even though Steph and her mom are really close, they're complete opposites, especially when it comes to style and beauty. In fact, Steph says that anytime her mom wants to buy her clothes "she looks for the ugliest thing she can find, and she buys it for me because she knows I'll like it."

    Steph picked a candid picture of her mom wearing a very fashionable suit at work. Steph's mom has a great sense of humor, and based on what their relationship is like, she anticipated her mom "would laugh, and tell me that I look stupid."

    She reacted just like Steph predicted and answered the phone by saying, "THIS IS DISGUSTING." She was, of course, referring to her ~funky~ outfit, not her daughter. In reality she loved it and asked if Steph was planning on recreating more pictures.

    Oscar feels like he's slowly but surely becoming his mother. They're both very empathic, and if anyone's having a bad day, they're going to try to make it all better. Oscar and his mom have always been close, but they've gotten even closer since he moved away to New York, and came out to his family.

    In her photo, she's is rocking super long hair, statement earrings, and Oscar's brother on her lap.

    Oscar's mom loved the picture and she couldn't get over how accurate his pose was. Overall, it was a beautiful experience for Oscar, since he knew reminiscing and looking at old pictures filled his mom with happiness.

    Sarah and her mom are very different and not super close. Her mom mainly takes care of the family's survival needs, and is constantly asking things like, "Have you eaten?" or, "Are you getting enough sleep?" By going through this process, Sarah hoped to get closer to her mom.

    Sarah's mom played volleyball, so she chose this photo because she thought her mom looked pretty badass. Sarah doesn't know much about her mom's life in China, and she wants to learn more about who she was before moving to the United States and having kids.

    Her mom loved the outcome, and after taking the picture, Sarah and her mom actually had a conversation about her childhood, which brought them closer together.

    Moms are truly the best!

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