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    18 Reasons '90s Kids Are Lucky That They're Still Alive

    It still hurts.

    1. All the destroyed ankles from Moon Shoes:

    These things were an ankle injury waiting to happen.

    2. And all the serious pogo ball injuries:

    A balancing toy meant for kids? What could go wrong.

    3. All the head injuries from Sky Dancers:

    More likely to shoot your eye out than a Red Ryder BB gun.

    4. And the head injuries from a lit'ral toy that encourages beating the crap out of your friends:

    Once it got a liiiittle deflated it was pummelin' time.

    5. All the fingers crushed by butt scooters:

    My fingers still hurt.

    6. And all the Slip 'n' Slide disasters:

    Don't even get me started on homemade slip and slides.

    7. All the feet destroyed by LEGOs:

    Such a scary image.

    8. And toes forever injured by Barbie combs:

    Really just as bad as LEGOs.

    9. All the ankles whacked by Skip-Its:

    Hope you can skip fast enough.

    10. And the ankles destroyed by scooters:

    It's like they had a homing device set for your ankle.

    11. All the burns from making fake bugs:

    Adult supervision DEFINITELY required.

    12. And all the burns from tiny toy ovens:

    The tiny cupcakes are worth the pain.

    13. All the toxic fumes breathed in from plastic bubbles:

    Every kid loves fumes!

    14. And all the fingers chomped by little dolls:

    This...this is just a bad idea.

    15. The slides that inflicted more pain than fun:

    Twitter: @CauseWereGuys

    Pick your poison.

    16. And the slides that caught your hair and nearly ripped your head off:

    AKA how the best day ever could become the worst day ever.

    17. The feet cut up from this carpet cover:

    Twitter: @_kevakingg

    Grandma's house was basically a walking deathtrap.

    18. And lawn darts. Just, lawn darts:

    I mean, come on.