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    18 Of The Best Products For Dry Skin You Can Get On Amazon

    Let's give a big "HELLO" to these hydrating products: body lotions, face wipes, cleansing butters, and organic creams galore!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An organic lotion made from vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, and calendula flowers to hydrate parched skin. ALSO! Dry hands or feet? OKAY! Because this works wonders on your body, too. / Via @weleda_usa

    Promising review: "This solved a nasty, dry, chapped skin problem I had been having this winter. I had a persistent problem with red, chapped skin at the outside corners of my eyes that I've never had before β€” and none of my usual go-to's were working! I was at my wit's end: it hurt and looked scary. So, I did what we all do β€” I Googled it, which is how I discovered Weleda Skin Food. When the product arrived, I tore the package open and I dabbed a tiny bit onto the corners of my eye. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my eyes looked and felt better within hours of applying the product. I put more on before I went to bed and when I got up in the morning, the irritated skin looked almost completely normal. By the next morning, there was no chapping and no redness at all. I am so happy with this product!" β€”Rabbit Lover

    Price: $10.38

    2. A chamomile cleansing butter that will remove your makeup β€” and YES, according to reviewers, that includes waterproof mascara β€” without stripping your skin of moisture. / Via @thebodyshop

    Promising review: "I love this cleansing balm! The smell is light and fresh, it's gentle on my sensitive skin, and it removes waterproof makeup with no scrubbing necessary! Just apply on a dry face, massage to dissolve make up, then rinse with lukewarm water for a fresh clean that doesn't dry out or irritate your skin." β€”Lillian G. Boren

    Price: $15.20

    3. Fragrance-free cleansing cloths to stash by your nightstand. These babies leave nothing behind: no makeup, no oil, no dry patches.

    Promising review: "I live in the high desert and the winters here are very dry. These wipes get my face clean: they remove 95% of my eye makeup without me having to use water, and they don't leave my skin dry and chapped. I usually only have to use half a wipe and it gets the job done! These are definitely worth the money, especially if you have dry skin." β€”Westielover

    Price: $7.97 (for a pack of 50 wipes)

    4. A daily face (and body!) moisturizing cream for people with dry to normal skin. It's *chef kisses fingers* for dryness, itchiness, and breakouts.

    This hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free cream is made with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to provide non-greasy 24-hour hydration β€” for both your face and your body!

    Promising review: "If you are doubting this product, stop what you are doing and buy it right now. It WILL change your life. I had SEVERE eczema on my face and it was incredibly painful: I had red, inflamed, itchy, flaky, and disgusting skin. I tried everything, from organic to high-priced products, and nothing worked until I picked up a $2 sample of this at Walgreens after reading the reviews online. Well, it is a miracle product. My face feels amazing. I use it twice daily, and my eczema is gone. It has also diminished my acne breakouts by 98%. I also want to add that I didn't get anything for free or was asked to do this review, I just honestly needed to share my experience." β€”Susana Rodriguez

    Price: $16.91

    5. A hydrating black sugar scrub and mask combo infused with calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other vitamins to say "GOODBYE" to dead, dull skin. / Via @skinfood_official

    Finding a way to exfoliate when you have dry skin is tough, because exfoliators tend to take away dead skin, sure, but they can also strip your skin of moisture. However, this bottle of love and joy will hydrate and exfoliate your skin at the same damn time.

    Promising review: "I use this every Monday and Friday night as a way to exfoliate my face at the beginning and end of each week, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this stuff! My skin is dry and sensitive, so it's hard to find exfoliators that don't dry out my face or scrub too hard. This however, is perfect, because the sugar granules are not too coarse, but are just fine enough to really get rid of any dead skin. You can use this as either a mask or a quick exfoliator, and if you want to make the scrub less coarse, just add some water into the product to soften it down a bit." β€”Melissa

    Price: $8.87

    6. A night cream rumored to be the inspiration behind the phrase "beauty sleep." This non-greasy, clary sage-infused hydrator works overnight to help your skin retain moisture.

    Promising review: "This is an excellent night cream! I bought this because I was experiencing severe dry skin in the winter and, after a few uses, my dry skin became much more manageable and essentially disappeared! I use this nightly: the product smells wonderful and feels soothing as soon as I put it on." β€”Melody M.

    Price: $7.81

    7. An antioxidant-rich facial cleanser designed to balance your skin's pH level: it'll soothe and calm your skin without making it feel overly tight or dry. / Via @karinaspud

    Promising review: "I love this cleanser. It removes oil, make up, and dirt from my skin, and leaves it feeling very clean β€” without leaving any residue or making my face feel super dry. This is the second container I have bought, but a little bit goes a long way and just one tube lasted me a few months. Plus, it doesn't not seem to have any scent or perfume!" β€”A. Santana

    Price: $16.75

    8. A healing ointment for moisturizing severe dry patches. This is a game changer for constantly chapped lips, for example.,

    Promising review: "I used to always have really dry, cracked, and chapped lips β€” they were so bad that they'd bleed sometimes. I started using this stuff on my lips and I can honestly say that I have normal lips now. I am so happy with this product!" β€”Robert Smith

    Price: $13.01

    9. A brightening scrub made with argan extract and chlorella. This gently removes dirt but does not make your skin feel like "OMG-I-am-dying-over-here" dry.

    Promising review: "I don't know how I've gone almost 22 years without this product. My skin usually doesn't take too well to face scrubs, but my skin was so dry, rough, and terrible-looking that I thought I would give this a shot. And it is AMAZING! Just after the first use, my complexion looked more even and my face was as smooth as butter. Most other scrubs left my face feeling raw and red with irritation and breakouts, but after washing my face with this, I feel so fresh and clean." β€”FernRohim

    Price: $7.19

    10. A facial oil with argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, and hemp extract to combat dryness.

    This all-natural, antioxidant-packed oil is also vegan and cruelty-free.

    Promising review: "This facial oil is the best one I have tried yet! The ingredients are very transparent and contain no harsh chemicals, parabens, or fragrance, and this is great for sensitive, dry skin. I use this under my makeup and have no issues, and I've also been using this at night and for the past week, my skin feels hydrated and smoother." β€”Jessica Voce

    Price: $19.99

    11. An oatmeal and shea butter body lotion to soothe, calm, and hydrate your skin. Dry elbows? I don't know her.

    Promising review: "This is a fantastic lotion that has become a staple in my routine! This lotion not only feels great when applied to your skin, but it has noticeably improved my skin β€” especially my dry-prone elbows. I've been using this for almost an entire year now, and it's both affordable and never disappoints. This is a must try!" β€”Justin

    Price: $4.78

    12. A gentle, dye-free body wash made from oatmeal and nutrient-rich yogurt. The results? Hydrated, moisturized skin β€” right in your freakin' shower! / Via @aveenous

    Running late and don't have time to slather on lotion after your shower? Then this stuff has just answered your prayers. Also, this has a subtle vanilla and oats scent. How heavenly.

    Promising review: "THIS IS THE BEST MOISTURIZING BODY WASH EVER! I have very dry skin and this body wash really is remarkable. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it!" β€”Tangy72

    Price: $23.46 (for a pack of three)

    13. A water-activated moisturizer that doesn't leave a greasy residue: just apply this to your freshly-showered body and towel dry.

    This ceramide complex, shea butter, pro-vitamin B5, and eucalyptus leaf extract moisturizer will instantly absorb right into your skin and claims to make your skin feel THREE TIMES MORE HYDRATED with daily use.

    Promising review: "This is the best thing I have ever bought. I suffer from really dry, scaly skin patches and nothing I do seems to keep me hydrated! Usually, as soon as I put lotion on, my skin is dry and ashy within a few minutes. But this wet skin stuff really locks in the moisture! At first, it feels a little weird because it doesn't seem like it's sinking in when you're dripping wet straight out of the shower, but when you dry off? Boy, can you tell the difference! It's not oily or thick like most medical-strength lotions β€” it just feels like nothing is on your skin. I will definitely be buying more, maybe even a lifetime supply!" β€”Imani Richardson

    Price: $10.39

    14. A non-greasy moisturizer with over 2,700 positive reviews! This bottle of magic gently exfoliates rough skin and helps kick the crap out of keratosis pilaris.,

    Proof, above!

    Promising review: "I never write Amazon reviews, but I had to because this product is just so good. I had a bad case of keratosis pilaris on my legs and two months later, it is COMPLETELY gone. This lotion is amazing β€” my skin is VERY sensitive and this worked just fine. If you're trying to get rid of your keratosis Polaris, just get this." β€”Elizabeth

    Price: $22.99

    15. A moisturizing cream that will NOT leave your skin oily or greasy, thank you very much. Just give this formula some time to absorb, and BAM! Your dry skin will be thanking you. / Via @nivea_de

    Promising review: "I was under the impression that cremes like Nivea are extremely oily and sticky. But dude, I love this. I was in Philadelphia and it was really cold there, so my skin ended up getting extremely dry. I stayed with a friend who had this, and I tried it out because I couldn't find any other moisturizer​ in her bathroom. And boy oh boy, my skin was rejuvenated after just one use. Like, I am not kidding β€” my skin immediately felt super hydrated and moisturized, almost like the moisture had reached to the deepest of layers my face! The immediate effect is slightly sticky, but just give it some time to absorb. Please give it a try, you won't regret it." β€”A. K. Singh

    Price: $6.83

    16. Moisturizing lip balms made with beeswax, peppermint oil, and vitamin E. Now you can scream "BE GONE" to all dry and chapped lip woes!

    Promising review: "I have been using this for well over a decade! I've tried many many other lip balms and treatments, but continue to go back to this β€” it's my holy grail! It has a thick consistency, the refreshing peppermint scent is soothing when my lips are cracked and painful, and this multipack is the best value I have found. I keep one in my bathroom, bedroom, purse, and kitchen. I use it every single night before going to bed and wake up with improved lips. My lips get very chapped during the winters, and I can't be without these lip balms!" β€”Jhall626

    Price: $7.64 (for a pack of four)

    17. A creamy lotion that gets rid of dry patches in a jiffy, but ALSO (according to reviewers) works like a charm as a primer. Don't you just love versatility? / Via @embryolisse

    Promising review: "This is my all-time favorite skin product! I recently asked one of my makeup artist friends what primer she uses, and she said, 'I don't! I just use Embryolisse moisturizer!' So I bought some and seriously my life has been CHANGED. I've been using this for about nine months now, and it truly is a terrific primer, moisturizer, cleanser, and healer. I blend it with jojoba oil to remove makeup, or with baking soda to create an exfoliant. I apply it liberally at night to moisturize my skin while I sleep, and again first thing in the morning after I've washed my face, at least a half hour before I put on makeup. It's great for healing dry, flaky skin, and incredible for priming a smooth surface for makeup application. Never greasy or goopy!" β€”Anne Inez

    Price: $21.20

    18. A gentle moisturizer proven to provide long-lasting moisture. PLUS! This fragrance-free formula is safe for babies three months or older AND it works wonders on eczema.

    Promising review: "This has completely cleared up my eczema! I was using another product for months that was only helping the symptoms. But since switching to this, my eczema has gone away, and I noticed the effects immediately. Within a couple of days, all unpleasantness goes out the window, and you will see results." β€”Aphelion

    Price: $12.91

    Me, finding something that successfully moisturizes and soothes my dry skin:


    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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