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    26 MCU Moments That Are So Funny, You'll Forget The Gaping Hole "Avengers: Infinity War" Left In Your Heart

    This post contains zero Infinity War spoilers.

    1. When Drax didn't understand metaphors:

    2. When Natasha took down Happy:

    3. When Tony caught a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in the act:

    4. When Hawkeye realized the ridiculousness of his situation:

    5. This:

    6. When Thor discovered coffee:

    7. When Bucky and Sam were happy for Steve:

    8. When the guys took turns trying to pick up Mjolnir:

    9. When Loki got the message:

    10. When Baby Groot danced:

    11. "Get Help":

    12. When Vision made this proclamation:

    13. Coulson's nerd-gasm:

    14. Ant-Man meeting the gang:

    15. Loki's fall:

    16. When Okoye used her wig as a weapon:

    17. When Topaz had to make this distinction:

    18. When Spider-Man: Homecoming ended with this:

    19. When Cap got caught up in the moment:

    20. When Shuri saw her brother's unfortunate shoe choice:

    21. When Luis was proud of himself:

    22. Loki's play:

    23. When Gamora was NOT having Sam and Diane:

    24. When Valkyrie was slightly off her game:

    25. Everything out of Korg's mouth:

    26. And, of course, the shawarma:

    Do you have a favorite funny MCU moment that didn't make the list? Tell us in the comments!