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    All The Best Deals On Jet Today

    Deals on wireless speakers, a two-piece luggage set, a foldable hairdryer, and more!

    1. 25% off a Sonos PLAY:1 smart wireless speaker.

    2. 72% off winter snow boots.

    3. 42% off a Black & Decker cordless hand vacuum.

    4. 66% off a 200-thread, full-length body pillow.

    5. 34% off a T3 Featherweight compact folding hair dryer.

    6. 60% off Clarks sandals.

    7. 18% off a Walker Edison electric fireplace and TV stand.

    8. 28% off a two-piece set of spinner luggage.

    9. 10% off a 3-in-1 flat panel TV stand.

    10. 33% off a pair of Dr. Scholl's flats.

    11. 23% off organic virgin coconut oil.

    12. 20% off a travel cooler bag.

    13. 23% off a bottle of concentrated laundry detergent.

    14. 44% off a pair of Asics men's running shoes.

    15. 20% off Peruvian ground coffee, medium roast.

    16. 25% off kids' Skechers light up high tops!

    17. 46% off a Sierra Sleep by Ashley plush mattress.

    18. 24% off a Pit Boss ceramic Kamado grill.

    You calculating all the money you just saved

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