Ladylike Went To A Psychic Who Knew So Much About Them It Was Truly Shocking

    How'd you know that?

    It's in our nature to want to take a quick peek into our future to see what it holds.

    That's why the girls of "Ladylike" went to see a psychic as part of this season's awesome "Bucket List" theme.

    For their very first foray into the unknown, they called on Shirley Lipner, an L.A.-based psychic with over 20 years experience.

    Freddie was the first to sit down with Shirley, and Shirley was immediately able to see Freddie's grandmother watching over her.

    Shirley was also able to hilariously describe Freddie's mom, as well as sense that she was close to her paternal grandfather.

    Next up was Chantel, who wanted to know everything. Shirley picked up on the fact that Chantel is close to her father because she's the only daughter. Wow!

    Shirley knew Chantel was fearless and wanted to do so much more in her career.

    When Devin went to see Shirley, she immediately picked up on the close relationship between Devin and her dad.

    Shirley not only knew Devin's grandfather (whom she was very close to) had died, but also knew she was 12 years old when it happened.

    Jen was up next, and she wanted to know if she would become more organized anytime soon.

    After her reading, Jen actually took Shirley's advice and slowly started getting stuff done. She even made travel plans to visit her grandparents!

    Then it was Kristin's turn to see Shirley. She knew that Kristin was writing a book, and that she was having anxiety about it.

    Then Kristin got specific. She wanted to know if her husband would ever go on a trip with her. Like, ever.

    And guess what? Kristin's husband eventually agreed to go to Napa Valley for a super sophisticated and totally fun wine-tasting.

    After their psychic readings, the ladies of Ladylike felt overwhelmed, energized, and totally empowered.