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Ellen Asked Who's Hooked Up With A Spice Girl And Justin Timberlake Looked Awkward AF

"Never have I ever hooked up with a Spice Girl..."

Well well well, do I have some ~scandalous~ gossip for you. The tea is piping hot so grab your mugs and get comfy.


*NSYNC recently celebrated getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was a cute nostalgic throwback.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

To celebrate, the band appeared on The Ellen Show where they played a little game of I Have Never. Just like when we regular people play it, a lot of the questions were about hooking up. For example, who's hooked up on a tour bus?

The Ellen Show

Which members of the band have joined the mile high club?

The Ellen Show

Justin tried to say he hadn't but Ellen wasn't having it.

The Ellen Show

And who's been corny enough to hook up while listening to a *NSYNC song?

The Ellen Show

The rest of the questions were pretty casual. You know, just which members of the band have hooked up with a Spice Girl in the past, no big deal.

The Ellen Show

To clarify this is absolutely a big deal, especially because while four members of the band answered immediately, Justin seemed a little hesitant to answer.

The Ellen Show

But then with a little help from Ellen...

The Ellen Show

Now I don't want to jump to conclusions but this was Justin's face when Ellen asked the question.

The Ellen Show

The question was also a little too specific and kinda came out of nowhere. It's almost like Ellen already knew the answer...


So if it did actually happen... WHICH SPICE GIRL WAS IT????? There's this old picture of the two bands together in an airport where JT is leaning on Geri...

But there's also this picture of Justin with Baby Spice...

Dave Benett / Getty Images

And then this picture from 2009 where Justin just appears to be staring at Posh...

Patrick Mcmullan / Getty Images

Let's not forget that Justin once came up to the Spice Girls in an airport and asked to sing for them. Was that how the serenading started?


Although when James Corden asked about that, Victoria shut it down saying that there were no shenanigans and nobody got Justin's number, so maybe even she doesn't know!


For now you'll find me snooping around the internet for clues, but until I've figured it all out, you can watch the clip of *NSYNC on Ellen here:

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