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    29 Things That'll Impress Your Mom When She Comes To Visit

    Toilet scrubbers, pretty glassware, charming (and cheap) throw pillows, a reliable vacuum cleaner, and 27 other products to show her she raised you right.

    1. A Pumie (pumice stone toilet scrubber) to fiiiinalllyyyy remove the caked-on stains and hard water rings that were 100% already there when you moved in.

    2. A bottle of Poo-Pourri, because your mom spent enough time smelling your bowel movements over the years. She deserves a pleasant citrus-y scent now.

    3. A bathmat to keep your tooties comfy when stepping onto cold, hard tile — and to show off a bit of your personality. Outfitting your apartment like an adult doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of fun.

    4. A game-changing Tilex mold and mildew remover that'll be like a bathroom remodel for your grout. Just spray and wipe away — no hard scrubbing required (not that you have time for that before she arrives, anyway!).

    5. A brush duo to make cleaning around your faucets and drains quick and easy, because let's be frank: Your sink is probably pretty gross. I'm looking at you, dried wad of toothpaste.

    6. A minimalist entryway shelf complete with hooks so she has somewhere to hang her coat (and see that yours aren't just piled on the floor somewhere).

    7. A book-scented candle to create a pleasant and library-esque ambiance.... and cover up the stench of those sneakers you accidentally wore in the pouring rain.

    8. A lighweight, handheld vacuum for busting any dust bunnies lurking in even the teeniest crevices or corners. With a long and narrow "snout," this lil guy will grab 'em all!

    9. Matching glassware made of chip-resistant material in gorgeous pastel tones to make your dining area look like an Instagrammable eatery.

    10. And an easy-pour Brita dispenser so you can offer her a glass of *actually cold* water that tastes dang good. No room temp water straight from the faucet? How ~refreshing~!

    11. A modern and elegant silverware set, because unlike the random forks you've accumulated one at a time, you need cutlery that looks cohesive.

    12. A gallery wall–ready set of frames with the ivory mats already included, so you can arrange your mom's favorite family photos with pride (and look like you spent a lot of money doing so).

    13. A no-rinse wood and laminate cleaner that'll get your floors so shiny, she can check her lipstick in them. Say goodbye to spills, dust, dirt, and footprints. No streaks!

    14. A couple of colorful throw pillows to make your Ikea sofa look a little more homey. And these are a no-brainer — do you know how expensive pillows are?!

    15. A farmer's choice bouquet from Bouqs to really brighten up the place. You'll get a selection of super fresh flowers grown on sustainable farms delivered to your door... and look like you shop at that expensive farmer's market on the regular.

    16. Or a five-piece set of teeny bud bases to add a colorful touch to your windowsill or kitchen table. Just pop in a trimmed down stem or two rather than a whole bouquet.

    17. And if you truly can't with the live flowers (pollen, changing the water, I get it), a set of potted faux succulents, because nothing says "look, I'm an adult!" like assorted greenery.

    18. A Swiffer starter set (complete with both dry AND wet cloths), because these bbs trap more dirt, dust, and grime than you even KNEW was on your floors.

    19. A distressed, antique-looking carpet that'll seriously impress her with your interior decorating skills. Little does she know it comes from hours and hours and hours of bingeing HGTV.

    20. An actual trashcan, because that loose plastic bag system you're currently using is not cute.

    21. A gorgeously grown-up chalkboard calendar to show that your life is in order, damn it!

    22. A fancy schmancy electric toothbrush so you can show your mom you're taking care of the teeth she gave you. Plus, with five brush modes and 10X the plaque removal of a regular toothbrush, it'll make your dentist proud too.

    23. A couple of gold wire baskets for storing extra towels, blankets, and the other miscellaneous shit that's usually scattered around.

    24. A stainless steel spray and microfiber cloth bundle to clean those glaring fingerprints right off your fridge and other appliances— and help ensure those smudges reappear less frequently.

    25. A laundry hamper for storing (and sorting!) your dirty clothes — please stop piling them on The Chair.

    26. A three-layer microfiber duster to make VERY fast work of cleaning those pesky blinds. Now your home passes the white glove test!

    27. A jewelry organizer so you can display all the pretty things she has given you over the years.

    28. A stylish set of geometric coasters to show you're taking good care of the coffee table you stole (ok, inherited) from your parents' house.

    29. And a clever little mug you can fill (with wine, perhaps?) and hand to her as soon as she arrives. Surprise!

    When your mom realizes you've finally listened to her after all these years:

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