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    We Had The Cast Of "Avengers: Infinity War" React To Fan Tweets And It Was Hilarious

    "M’Baku could blow my M’Back out if he wanted to."

    We sat down with the cast of Avengers: Infinity War to get their reactions from a marvelous variety of fan tweets...

    ...and let's just say there's no need for a Time Stone because it did NOT disappoint:

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    Shoutout to the woman I heard coming out of the theater saying “Mmm MBaku THICK” to her friend.


    I’m here to announce my new favorite Disney princess is Shuri. She must be protected. I would die for her.


    y’all think when vision is dying in infinity war they’ll just put him in a bag of rice and hope for the best??


    In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 , Peter Quill has Mommy Issues. In Vol 2, he has Daddy Issues . In Infinity War , He has In-Laws Issues.


    mantis: the galaxy looks beautiful drax: u know who else is beautiful mantis: me? drax: no


    Cancel infinity war and just give me 2 hrs of pepper, okoye, shuri, nakia, nat, gamora and valkyrie just sitting in a room talking about how stupid the men in their lives are


    Wanda Maximoff is the strongest Avenger and she will be the one, out of all the other Avengers and Heroes, to save the universe and defeat Thanos. Once she does that all you haters are gonna give her the recognition she deserves!!! #InfinityWar


    ily: i love you ilysm: i love you so much ildiiwidwh: if loki dies in infinity war, i'm dying with him


    I wanna know if Bucky got to eat a plum before he went back on ice. I really hope he did


    I'll be honest, if Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark doesn't at some point say "No shit, Sherlock" to Benny Cumbers' Dr. Strange, I'm going consider Infinity War an utter and complete failure.


    drax be thinking like: “this is iron man? he’s not even a man made of iron 🤔” 😂


    starlord: hey... ur the strongest avenger like.. by FAR. thor: ok, gamora is absolutely the strongest guardian but thank u, i love u too


    Everybody is excited to see who dies in #infinitywar. I’m just excited to see the banter between Rocket and Falcon


    do you ever think that if loki &thor survived infinity war, they would be close brothers again & would start a whole new asgard that peacefully ruled by both of them & although it's too good to be true i still think it's beautiful in my dream


    I hope Infinity War devotes several scenes to Shuri clowning Tony's tech


    this is the most british picture i've ever seen


    mantis is so underrated but if my soft girlfriend even has one scratch on her throughout infinity war i'm gonna fight thanos and all his allies steve rogers style.


    Wanda: we should try spicing things up in the bedroom Vision: good idea [later] Wanda: what is this on the bed Vision: *seductively* paprika


    if tony doesn't call rhodey a stupid pet name and hugs him in infinity war then what's the point


    why is no one talking about Sam Wilson with a beard in the new infinity war poster



    april is gamora derek is peter quill and ben is thor


    M’Baku could blow my M’Back out if he wanted to.

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