Coldplay's Chris Martin Is In India And Just Randomly Performed At A Bar In Delhi

    Also, actress Freida Pinto was there. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

    Late Wednesday night, Indian comedian Rohan Joshi Instagrammed a video of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin singing "Viva la Vida," apparently at a bar in New Delhi.

    It was shortly followed by this picture.

    An audience member (who asked to remain anonymous) sent BuzzFeed India videos of Martin's impromptu performance. Here's "Viva La Vida":

    Facebook: video.php

    Here's a tearjerkingly perfect "Fix You":

    Facebook: video.php

    And here's a snippet of "Paradise":

    Here's a tiny unedited,raw glimpse of Chris Martin perform in Delhi tonight. Full, edited video out soon. @kibbanoir

    As if this isn't insane enough, comedian Tanmay Bhat and musician Vishal Dadlani later tweeted more photos.

    Chris Martin, @BecauseImFreida @Raghu_Dixit @AllIndiaBakchod What a night! MENTAL!!!

    Let's just zoom into one of those photos, shall we? YES THAT'S FREIDA PINTO, WHAT THE HECK.

    Our detective work (i.e., stalking two people's Twitter timelines) reveals that Martin and the Slumdog Millionaire star were at the same New Delhi bar tonight as Indian comedy collective All India Bakchod and musicians Dadlani Raghu Dixit.

    (FYI, Pinto's been in India for the last few days working on the "Girl Rising" campaign. Here she is with Indian Prime Minister Modi.)

    Dadlani confirmed on Twitter that Martin wasn't doing an official performance – he's just spontaneous and awesome AF:

    It wasn't an event. We were at a dinner together, and he just went 'let's go play somewhere'! And, boom! @karshkalemusic

    Aaaand it looks like All India Bakchod introduced Chris Martin, who went on to perform for a crowd of unsuspecting Wednesday night party people.

    Hahaha, just introduced Chris Martin to come do a small set at summerhouse cafe at hauz khas. What?

    I can now officially say I introduced Chris Martin on for a set. Holy. Shit.

    Here's the selfie-to-end-all-selfies that they posted on their Facebook page:

    Obviously, "Chris Martin" and "Coldplay" have both trended in India since, thanks to a lot of very distraught people who decided to stay in last night.

    Chris Martin randomly popped up in Delhi. Everyone I know on my feed was either there or is crying about it. Damn, I'm gonna cry.

    Chris Martin coming to our country and playing an acoustic set at a "secret" gig is the best example of universe being unfair!!!!

    Chris Martin is trending in India, already. Twitter broke the internet, there.