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    19 Things Only Tumblr Admins Will Understand

    Stop spamming the inbox!

    1. You have to show an insane amount of patience for followers asking when their submission will get posted.

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    Even though you're actually irritated AF.

    2. No matter what, you always have followers that don't follow the guidelines for submitting posts.

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    If you want your submission to be posted, you gotta follow the guidelines! They are in the links for a reason!

    3. You often have to close the inbox because you have way too many submissions.

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    Each time the number by the envelope goes up you get more and more anxious.

    4. No matter how many times you've gotten porn spam, it always makes you feel uncomfortable.

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    5. You have to make a formal announcement every time you decide to go on vacation or else followers will bombard you with questions and annoyances.


    "What's with the blog?" "When will my submission get posted?" "Hey, sorry to bother you, but..." – can y'all just chill?!

    6. You constantly have to make sure you're not accidentally feeding the trolls who attempt to play devil’s advocate.

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    Tbh you're either trying to be difficult or dealing with special snowflake syndrome.

    7. You always get incredibly annoyed when you say you're not taking submissions but followers submit posts anyway.


    What part of NO SUBMISSIONS did you miss?! You're not slick submitting via "fan mail" instead of the "ask" or "submit" feature!

    8. You try not to get defensive when reblogs throw shade at the admins.


    But in reality, you want to tell them have several seats 💺. It's easy to talk mess when you don't see what comes into our inbox.

    9. You're always little confused when followers ask you for personal advice.

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    Sure, it's flattering, but what do I know? Plus, that's not the point of this blog...

    10. It's conflicting getting submissions with links to a GoFundMe page.


    You don't want to be heartless, but you know if you open it up to one person, you have to open it up to all.

    11. You resist the urge to instigate when your followers start arguing in the reblogs.

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    It's even harder when one of the followers is arguing for something you agree with.

    12. You get irritated whenever someone sends in submissions that are thinly veiled self-promo for the submitter's own blog.

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    You're not posting this so they can lazily build followers/reblogs.

    13. There's nothing worse than followers who fish for homework help in the "asks"...

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    14. ...except for followers who ask for your opinion on world events and you're thrown through a loop.

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    What makes me an authority on that?!

    15. You wonder why someone inserts themselves into a blog they have no say in.

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    "I'm a Taylor fan, but I just wanted to say Katy isn't as talented as her." Who asked you though?!

    16. It's a constant struggle trying not to blast a co-admin who isn't doing their job.

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    But it's hard not to when you reach out and get no response.

    17. You feel validated when a follower sends a submission to say they appreciate your blog.

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    Even with the annoyances, being an admin isn't all in vain!

    18. You have a hard time understanding why your followers forget you have a life outside of Tumblr.

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    You don't get paid for this. You can't answer your stuff all day, every day ASAP!

    19. But whenever a follower sends a message about how helpful your blog has been, it makes the the challenges of being an admin worth it.

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