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    Footballers Are Endorsing Each Other For Bizarre Skills On LinkedIn

    It's business time.

    After the chance discovery that Jimmy Bullard is on LinkedIn, I delved further into the world's most confusing social network to see if any other footballers have signed up.


    1. Titus Bramble was the only footballer to accept my connection within 24 hours of touching base.


    2. He has endorsements for "Microsoft Office" and "injury prevention"...


    Seems legit.

    3. I was asked to endorse Titus for some of these skills...


    4. Moving on... Robbie Fowler has by far the best job title out of any footballer on LinkedIn.



    5. Sadly, Robbie Fowler looked at my LinkedIn profile but did not accept my request.

    We could have had a beautiful friendship, Robbie.

    6. It's quite common for people to create fake LinkedIn profiles for footballers. Like this hilarious Ronaldo one.


    Cristiano Ronaldo definitely created a LinkedIn profile one time and picked a PNG photo of him wearing a Britney microphone with a transparent background, and only has 19 (business) friends.

    7. This Brendan Rodgers profile is also a BIT suspect...


    But you just never know with Brendan Rodgers.

    8. The profile has four endorsements for "Inspiring People".


    Again, it's impossible to tell if it's parody due to the very nature of Brendan Rodgers.

    But it's also the exact sort of skill you'd list him as having if you created a parody account for him.

    9. Sadly to connect with this potentially parody Brendan Rodgers account, you have to have the email address of the account holder.


    So sad.

    10. But NEVER MIND. There's still hope that self-employed professional golfer Jimmy Bullard might accept.


    *Crosses fingers*

    11. Scrolling through James Beattie's profile... and what's this? He is listed as the Director of Football at "The Secret Footballer Ltd".


    The Secret Footballer is a long-running column in "The Guardian", based around a secret top level footballer (obv) and the tales of his career. There is also a book, and a separate website with regular articles.

    James Beattie lists himself as being involved with the company, though that doesn't necessarily make him The Secret Footballer. In 2013, fans of Stoke City used a checklist of clues to claim that Dave Kitson was The Secret Footballer.

    12. James Beattie does have many endorsements for "English" though, so his friends DEFINITELY think he can write well.


    He also has 17 endorsements for "Chemistry", 20 for "Physics" and 9 for "Customer Service". James Beattie is more well-rounded than you.

    13. Graeme Le Saux is ALL ABOUT LinkedIn.


    Great profile pic game from GLS.

    14. Best profile pic award goes to Fabrice Muamba though, for that shirt/jumper/tie combo.


    15. Most footballers on LinkedIn seem to be retired, because now they are all about getting business done.

    Alex Caparros / Getty Images

    So one day, when CR7 retires, maybe we really could expect a real Cristiano Ronaldo account, and we can all #connect with him.

    We can only hope...

    Jimmy Bullard has accepted my connection. JIMMY BULLARD HAS ACCEPTED MY CONNECTION.