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This Is What Happens When Team USA Advances To The FIFA World Cup Final

The internet is bleeding red, white, and blue.

After stunning top-ranked Germany, the U.S. Women's National Team is headed to the FIFA World Cup Final this weekend.

1. The 2–0 victory was far and away the national team's best performance of the tournament so far.

2. During the game, silent prayers were sent up:

3. Anyone with a custom jersey threw it on:

4. And no doubt some fans had to be carried home after it was all over:

When your bud gets white girl wasted while watching the ##USAvGER match

5. Germany will be feeling the sting for days.

6. OK, maybe longer.

USA to Germany right now #USAvsGER #FIFAWWC

7. The game was fast-paced and intense — I'm sure everyone remembers it a bit differently:

@ussoccer_wnt @beckysauerbrunn @kohara19 @moeebrian @_JulieJohnston_ There was a security cam that caught this happen

8. The defense, backed by goalkeeper Hope Solo, was literally rock solid.

A live look-in at the USA's defense #USAvGER

9. As any good department of defense should be, right?

10. And play got physical — quite physical.

Redefining "you play like a girl" #USAvGER

11. (I'll just leave this here.)

Why I like womens soccer over mens soccer, until men stop acting little babies then I pick WOMEN #Soccer #USWNT #USA

12. Kelley O'Hara snagged her first international goal and her celebration face was too pure, too good for this world...

13. ...sort of like Julie Johnston:

14. At the end of it all, fans were emotionally exhausted:

15. Everyone was feeling all "the feels":

16. But faith in Team USA had been restored:

17. Congratulatory tweets were sent:

What a great night to be an American. Thanks to the @ussoccer_wnt for inspiring our nation. Can't wait for Sunday!! #SHEBELIEVES

Hey @ussoccer_wnt , I hear the weather in Vancouver is beautiful this time of year. Congrats . One more to go!

So happy for gals. Finally found more of their form. Formation change key. And again, defense huge. Solo had one save on goal.

18. Fans and players alike — everyone made it through the fire.

19. And today we can all feel just a bit more patriotic:


The U.S. will play in the final Sunday against either England or Japan, aka the team it lost everything to in the 2011 World Cup final.

So we could get a USA-England #WWC final the day after Independence Day. How fitting.

Stay strong, America.