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    Why Nathaniel Clyne's First Day At Liverpool Training Could Be A Bit Awkward

    Let's hope Martin Skrtel has a short memory.

    Nathaniel Clyne announced on Twitter today that he has signed for Liverpool FC

    I'm very proud and honoured to have signed for @LFC it's a special club with a lot of history and looking forward to getting started now.

    After three very solid seasons at Southampton, he'll be hoping to perform better at Liverpool than the three players who made the same leap last summer: Rickie Lambert, Dejan Lovren and Adam Lallana.

    But his first day on the training ground could be slightly awkward, due to this cracker of a goal he scored against Liverpool last season.

    The Score / Via

    The net is still recovering from the shock.

    In an interesting break from tradition, instead of photographing Clyne in his new shirt, Liverpool FC tweeted a (slow motion) video of the defender wrestling to get it on.

    How did @Nathaniel_Clyne feel pulling on the #LFC shirt for the first time? Visit for more

    Fairly irresponsible given that temperatures in the UK are ALREADY SOARING.

    It immediately led to tweets like this...

    @LFC @Nathaniel_Clyne can you post it in reverse 😋

    And this...

    @LFC @Nathaniel_Clyne wish he was taking it off instead😏😏😏😏

    For me, he's the best defensive right-back that we've got in England - by a mile. And now he'll move up a gear, he can go to the top level. It doesn't bother him, it doesn't faze him.