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The British Are Having A "Heatwave" And They Don't Know What They're On About

That's not a heatwave. This is a heatwave.

British people have officially lost their minds.

In case you haven't heard, some parts of the UK are struggling through the hottest temperatures in a decade...with highs of 35°C.

And people cannot even deal.

Even the UK's most prestigious news outlets are running liveblogs on the weather. LIVE. BLOGS.


And it's incredibly hilarious.

British news outlets reacting perfectly normally to today's weather

The UK "scorcher" really is a fascinating phenomenon to non-Brits. Especially for those who live in countries closer to the equator.

If you think today's a scorcher, you should see what's in store for tomorrow... Jo #heatwave

Take, for instance, Australia...

Many think of it as an inhospitable penal colony/hell on earth/fiery land of destruction. They're right.

It's regularly more than 35°C in summer and a "heatwave" is something that means long sequences of days over 40°C.

Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images
Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images

No really, Australia's Bureau of Meteorology recorded one of the country's worst heatwaves in history in January 2014, when Melbourne had four straight days of over 41ºC and Canberra was over 39ºC.

But don't forget about Adelaide. Last year it was labelled the "hottest place on earth" when it passed 46ºC.

Watching the Aussie weather forcast, 44degrees Saturday!! My ginger skin will be in tatters 😶 #heatwave

Oh sorry, forgot about Darwin, where tomorrow it's forecast to reach 33ºC. That's 33ºC in the middle of winter.


What comes with those long dry days are terrible bushfires. Lucky we have the best volunteers to help us get through it.

William West / Getty Images

So, UK people, here's some words of advice about your "heatwave" from Australia.

Luhrman Films

Stay cool and hydrated. Stop whinging about the tube because you probably stink as well.

Hope UR coping in today's #heatwave! Be sure to leave water dishes out for thirsty wildlife:

And realise that there's always somewhere in the world which is doing it tougher. You can actually find that out here.

This post has been updated to remove a tweet from Niall Horan, who is actually Irish, not British. Whoops!