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    18 Very Valid Reasons To Steal Ranbir Kapoor From Katrina Immediately

    Love you, Kat, but Imma have to snatch this one.

    1. First things first, he does HELLA JUSTICE to suits.

    Strdel / Getty Images
    STRDEL / Stringe
    Andrew H. Walker / Staff

    2. He has the most perfect smile to beautifully accessorise any look, TBH.

    SLB Films Pvt. Ltd.

    The flawlessly aligned teeth... Look at all his oral perfection, just look at it.

    3. Stubble or clean-shaved, he's always looking mega cute.

    4. Heck, he even looks smashing with an old timey moustache.

    UTV Motion Pictures / Via

    10/10 would marry.

    5. He understands that tender emotions are no excuse for bad hair.

    6. He can pull off glasses like a boss.

    Strdel / Getty Images

    7. He's a master of winks, tasteful and otherwise.

    8. He can make any piece of furniture in your house look good by being on it.


    10. We've already seen a preview of him proposing and approved of it.

    Yash Raj Films / Via

    This is perfect, Ranbir, kindly do it two years into our relationship. I'm currently busy with my career, thanks.

    11. He seems to be an excellent listener.

    12. His dance moves are cleeearly on point.

    SLB Films Pvt. Ltd. / Via

    13. And so are his other moves, told sources.

    Star TV / Via

    14. He's incredible with kids. ❤️

    15. While also being as terrible at cheering people up as you are.

    UTV Motion Pictures / Via

    16. He's all kinds of #stylegoals TBH.

    17. I mean he's literally a rockstar. How do you compete with that?

    Eros International

    18. And his swagger game is on lock. 🙌

    Afp / Getty Images

    So, Ranbir, who are you going to break up with now?

    Star TV / Via

    Thank u, bb.

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