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17 Useful Tricks For Anyone Who Uses A Hair Straightener

Because your world does not need to be flat.

1. First, figure out which size straightener is best for your hair type.

2. And know the difference between the different types of straighteners.

3. Before you do anything, use a heat protectant spray like this one.

4. Set the heat no higher than 365 degrees.

5. Get a little bend in your hair with this brush trick.

6. When you get to the crown, flat-iron your hair up and toward the ceiling to get volume.

7. Switch things up by using your straightener to curl your hair.

8. Or make some ~beachy waves~.

9. Check out this genius twist-and-gel trick to flat-iron natural hair without blow-drying it first.

10. Get perfectly smooth hair by using a straightening comb and your flat iron at the same time.

11. Use a thermal brush at your roots to get rid of any cowlicks.

Plus, you'll get extra volume at the crown of your head.

12. Crimp your hair by flat-ironing a braid.

Now for some maintenance tips:

13. With a washcloth and some rubbing alcohol, clean the gunk off your plates.

14. Make this DIY flat iron holder for traveling out of a pot holder.

15. Grab a pair of ear covers to avoid burning your skin.

16. Get this holster to hold your straightener while you're sectioning off your hair.

17. And in a pinch, use your straightener to iron your collar.

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