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    17 People You Meet In Your Twenties That You'll Never Miss When You Get Older

    "OMG, I'm so old!"'re not.

    1. The beer pong ~champion~ who's not quite over their college years.

    2. The complainer who constantly talks about living off ramen.

    3. The pusher who won't let you NOT go out tonight...and every night.

    4. The overzealous DIY-er who actually has no idea what they're doing.

    5. The hardbody who eats anything they want, but doesn't seem to gain a pound.

    6. The over-partyer who needs a vomit receptacle next to them every weekend night.

    7. The lost soul who seems to be perpetually having a "quarter life-crisis."

    8. The repeat dirty dish roommate offender who leaves you with a sink full of joy.

    9. The S.O. of your roommate who slowly becomes your third roommate...without asking.

    10. Not to mention the roommate who has no sense of volume control.

    11. The hardcore networker who never actually contacts you.

    12. The super hipster who just took everything way too far.

    13. The enthusiastic beachgoer who's way too proud of a terrible sunburn.

    14. The 24-hour party person who seems to have an endless amount of energy.

    15. The sales clerk who's too busy taking selfies to help you.

    16. Anyone who reminds you of the debt you've already accrued.

    17. And the literal young person who can't stop saying, "I'm so old!"

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