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    23 Struggles All Pregnant Working Women Know

    Welcome to the struggle of being pregnant and employed.

    1. You're terrified of announcing your pregnancy because you don't want to lose out on career advancement opportunities.


    How much longer can I suck this thing in?

    2. When you do finally announce your pregnancy, it is just as stressful and strategic as announcing a teen pregnancy to religious parents.

    It's a miracle! I swear!

    3. Co-workers feel very comfortable asking about your weight gain.

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    Them: “How much weight have you gained?”

    You: "As much as your mother who had to deliver that big head of yours."

    4. Everyone has some type of input on the way you MUST feel.

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    Them: “You must feel terrible!”

    You: "Actually, I was feeling pretty great until you said that."

    5. You are always compared to the OTHER pregnant lady in the office.

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    Did you see how tiny Mary is? She’s as far along as you are!

    6. Your colleagues have been pulling for an opposite gender from what you currently have at home.

    Capitol Records / Via

    Them: “Oh no! Another boy/girl? What are you going to do?”

    You: "Uh, love it anyway? Or should I feed it to the wolves and try again?"

    7. Your colleagues are also suddenly very concerned about how often you visit the gym.

    PBS / Via

    This many times.

    8. On the plus side, you have mastered the art of “working from home.”

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    9. Everyone is very concerned you might not complete all of your projects before you have the baby.

    United Artists

    It'll all be done assuming the human I'm creating in my womb cooperates.

    10. Your boss is extremely nervous and keeps asking, “Are you sure that you're returning to work after the baby?”

    NBC / Via

    Probably going to have to feed and clothe this thing so yes, pretty sure.

    11. You're convinced there's a secret office pool because everyone keeps asking, “Any day now, right?”

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    No, actually, I have 5 more months to go.

    12. The women in your workplace all want to share their labor stories with you.


    "I was in labor for like, 4 days. No epidural and my baby was breach."

    13. Your colleagues think they’re being nice by telling you that you’re glowing when you know you’re just insanely sweaty.

    Paramount / Via

    14. People keep wanting to touch your belly.

    ABC Family, Pretty Little Liars / Via

    HR must have some rule about this.

    15. You definitely have a co-worker who has said something like, “I don’t really like the name you chose, here are my suggestions...”

    Bravo, Kathy Griffin / Via

    How about you keep your suggestions for when you carry someone in your uterus. Mmmkay?

    16. You are scrutinized for everything you eat.

    NBC / Via

    Them: “Don’t eat that. You can’t feed your baby fast food!”

    You: "..."

    17. Your boss secretly gets annoyed that you have to leave the office for appointments.

    Fox / Via

    Boss: “Are all of these appointments really necessary?”

    You: "Is health necessary?"

    18. When you get up to use the copy machine, a few people are still surprised that pregnant women have bellies. “That belly came out of nowhere!”

    Orion Pictures / Via

    Yes, nowhere, especially since I have been pregnant for the past 8 months.

    19. You have dropped multiple hints as to which restaurant you want to host your office shower.

    ZBF Enterprises / Via

    You're about to suggest that you'll make the reservation yourself.

    20. People want you to return to work before your uterus contracts back into place.

    NBC, Saturday Night Live / Via

    “You’re taking the FULL 12 weeks?!”

    21. You quickly realize just how f’d up maternity leave benefits are in America.

    ABC / Via

    FMLA? You mean FML! I’m moving to Switzerland.

    22. You have given up on blaming the office vents for your pregnancy gas.

    FOX, The Simpsons / Via

    It was never the vents.

    23. Every single time you have an ache or pain people think you're going into labor.

    Disney / Via woman/490064515

    No worries, you won’t need to deliver my baby today. I was just stretching.

    24. As annoying as your colleagues may be, you know you are going to miss the daily reality TV show catch up with them very soon.

    USA Films

    See you in 12 weeks!

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