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23 Struggles All Pregnant Working Women Know

Welcome to the struggle of being pregnant and employed.

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3. Co-workers feel very comfortable asking about your weight gain.

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Them: “How much weight have you gained?”

You: "As much as your mother who had to deliver that big head of yours."

6. Your colleagues have been pulling for an opposite gender from what you currently have at home.

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Them: “Oh no! Another boy/girl? What are you going to do?”

You: "Uh, love it anyway? Or should I feed it to the wolves and try again?"

9. Everyone is very concerned you might not complete all of your projects before you have the baby.

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It'll all be done assuming the human I'm creating in my womb cooperates.

10. Your boss is extremely nervous and keeps asking, “Are you sure that you're returning to work after the baby?”

15. You definitely have a co-worker who has said something like, “I don’t really like the name you chose, here are my suggestions...”

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How about you keep your suggestions for when you carry someone in your uterus. Mmmkay?

17. Your boss secretly gets annoyed that you have to leave the office for appointments.

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Boss: “Are all of these appointments really necessary?”

You: "Is health necessary?"

18. When you get up to use the copy machine, a few people are still surprised that pregnant women have bellies. “That belly came out of nowhere!”

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Yes, nowhere, especially since I have been pregnant for the past 8 months.

19. You have dropped multiple hints as to which restaurant you want to host your office shower.

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You're about to suggest that you'll make the reservation yourself.

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